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My Haircare Routine

Heya guys, how’s everyone doing? I am waiting for the rains, it has been very hot these days, the temperature is every day above 32º C. Today, I will be sharing my haircare routine! It is nothing much fancy but a few things I do to keep my hair proper and healthy. My hair’s length… Read More My Haircare Routine

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Growing up SHY!

Hey, guys! I have finally reached 100 followers (May 2017) on my blog, it must be nothing for some, but hey it means a lot to me! And thanks, everyone who follows me and read all my blabber! I have always wanted to bring value to other people’s lives and I hope I am stepping… Read More Growing up SHY!

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I Went To Town.

Hello all, super excited to talk about my hometown. But first, let me start this post with a serious intro. To write this post I had to read some news articles. Not that I don’t know what had happened to my town, Mumbai, but I wanted at least a little if not complete accuracy. On… Read More I Went To Town.