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Hello all here up is me!

I am a lifestyle blogger and content writer, writing articles related to motivation, self-development, improvement, productivity, skills and healthy habits. Over the years, I wrote many such articles enough to build my own blog, giving my own take on self-discovery and improvement to make the most out of life.
As I wrote on various subjects related to life, growth, and success, I incorporated most of them in my life and has helped me improve my thoughts and perspective, achieve self-confidence and headstart my way into building an optimal life.
I am a dreamer, adamant to create a life that I have always dreamt of. I have learned that to achieve your goals and design your dream life, you will have to put your best self to work. When you are your best, you achieve the best. I am on a path of learning tactics and ways that brings out the best in us and helps us live an optimal life.
Everything practical and realistic is achievable. Know what is an optimal life here.

Love, Kanishka.

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @kanishkassocial is my handle for an extended version of what goes in my life as a silent observer.

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