Full Moon Rant 19.02.19

I am probably scheduling this post to go live late Feb or March but I have this overwhelming feeling to rant about the full moon impact today on my blog or somewhere. To start with the day I woke up feeling extremely bitter. I was getting highly irritated by every little thing.

I suddenly had this urge to water my plants and you know give them a bit of TLC. I literally got rid of so many dead leaves that I had been ignoring for months. I then began to feel quite anxious, cried while taking a bath, felt so unworthy, felt isolated and all I could blame on was the fact I was close to my periods.

But lo and behold out of nowhere the Universe wanted me to know that it was full moon hunni, I was scrolling through my Facebook and saw a post about the full moon, I checked the moon phase and it indeed was. It all dawned on me why my emotions were amplified and energy level so low.

I quickly had to focus on accepting how I feel and do some practices that can make me feel a little better. I had the feeling of cleaning up my room, I did. I worked out, did some pilates. Took a nap with my rose quartz. Literally sat there ages looking out the window convincing myself that the thoughts I have are not facts but my insecurities surfacing. I am usually so good with controlling my thoughts but today I have a bad headache, not kidding.

My birthday is almost a week away and I feel all of this adds up to my anxiety. I am usually very grateful and happy but there is something about birthdays that make it so hard to show some self love. Maybe it is some expectations I have from people which is so natural but I just cant get over it today.

Does the full moon affect most this way? On a forum I saw so many complaining about having low energy and their moods were low as well. However I still believe I did better. I feel more in touch with the Universe. If it were the old me I know I wouldve clinged on to the negative emotions maybe wouldve cried my eyes out. Felt lonely or undeserving and cursing my own self. But I am so over it which I feel is a good sign and typing all of this down has helped me self reflect.

I will be ending the day with some positive affirmations. Ranting out about it has made me feel so better too. I hope people resonate with it and won’t judge what I went through.

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