Finding a Life Purpose

What is your life purpose?

What do you want to do with your life? Everyone has different goals, different desires, and expectations in life. All either in accordance to the life purpose or in the direction of finding one’s life purpose. Everyone is so eager to know what is the thing they need to do that will give their life meaning. Some have found their purpose before others. Life purpose for some is constant and for some ever evolving.


We can truly find our life’s purpose in spontaneous moments. Maybe you are headed in a completely different direction yet you long to do something else. As life’s spontaneous events occur you learn new and more things about yourself.

We are conditioned to believe that we all already know about ourselves. Hence, at a very young age, most people are questioned about who they want to be, how they perceive their life to be etc. But, we only find ourselves in life’s spontaneity. You have this impulse to do something and you find your true purpose, just there out of nowhere. Hence, it is so important to do random and new things to keep broadening our perspectives, build self-awareness and also comprehend our life’s purpose.

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Look for adventures! This is close to spontaneity. Try to experience various adventures in life. Maybe you will find your favorite adventure.


Embrace every experience in life. Good, worst, happy moments, arguments, success or failure. Everything makes up your life. It is a complete package of it all. In all these experience you find your inner self and allow it to grow. You learn from every little experience you have in life. It is simple, the more you know the more you are aware of your own needs and desires from life and what you can do to fulfill them.

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It is all built in learning the lessons from life. Practice journaling, raising consciousness and making peace with your own mind. Most of the times it is not reality but our thoughts that restrict us from doing so many things. When you raise your consciousness you will notice the recurring cycles in your life. The situations that are repeating that you will question and try to change and evolve from them.


In the journey of finding your life’s purpose, you are also trying to connect with yourself. When you do what makes you feel happy and keeps you inspired all the time you unleash your true potential. When you do what you love you feel truly passionate and find self-worth in life.

Trust your gut intuition. Just do what you feel like, don’t do what you don’t completely feel like. Follow what your gut believes in.

Be ready and open to taking risks. When you are believing in your intuition there is a lot at stakes and may even mean risking things but without this, you will not be able to explore the unknown. Avoid the fear of the unknown and try to find comfort in the unknown. Build a fearless aura. Most of the fear stems from fear of the unknown which is why you need to accept that the outcome can be good or bad. You will either be happy, succeed or get a life lesson.


Believe in magic, believe that what you think, what you dare to imagine to be your reality will occur right in front of you. Trust the Universe. Have faith that no matter what you have survived and you will survive. Believe that if the Universe is not providing what you want at the moment it is because it will give you what you need eventually.  Practice gratitude daily. Stop feeling guilty or regret things but be thankful and grateful to the diverse experiences.

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Take life as it comes, go with the flow. This type of life where you are ever evolving and building yourself while finding your purpose will attract a lot of judgment as well. It is their inability to perceive beyond their conditioning. Every life path has distinct purposes to meet and not each one will know what they are meant to do at the same time. Or they may experience a shift in their purposes. Or there can be more than one.


Taking in all this and striking a balance is vital in order to make peace with the journey. Make the journey worthwhile and don’t focus much on the destination. Because there is no destination as such. Life goes on and as you grow, you will learn new things, build new ways and act according to what life throws at you at various stages.

Within myself, I have found that the core of my life has everything to do with helping others. Making people feel better about themselves, help them heal and improve life intentionally. It gives me great joy to lift people up and encourage each one to find their true potential. I always believe in setting our mind on something and going forward for it and never thinking something is impossible. If things don’t work out it is for the greater good.

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Thanks for reading! Hope it helps.

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