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Ways to Avoid Social Media | Ways to make social media time constructive

We may have different and many reasons why we wish to avoid social media for good. It could be affecting your productivity. It might be strongly influential and making you compare your lifestyle with others. Or in your spare time scrolling has turned into your hobby.

The title may seem like a juxtaposition avoiding social media as well as talking about making use of it effectively. However, even if it is affecting our life adversely we can intentionally make effective use out of it.

Ways to Live in the Moment

Being a social media influencer myself, consistently posting on my Instagram @kanishkassocial (plug, plug) I always ask myself are my posts going to be meaningful. With mindfulness in my brain and intentions to make people extremely self-aware, I look for ways to encourage gratitude, positivity through the thoughts and pictures I post online. I intend to help people feel motivated for life events and also to take life easy.



look for something different to do

As soon as your mind reminds you that you are wasting your time on social media scrolling or about to be doing it look for something different to do. If you have some chores pending, get onto it make sure you are physically distancing yourself from your phone, pc or laptop.

If you intend to spend time with your phone get some useful apps like learning apps, book reading apps or apps for learning a new language. The time you intend to waste can be used effectively as well.

How to be More Creative in Life

do I really need to

Ask yourself, do I really need to check my Instagram right now? Am I looking for a specific update from specific people or checking on what they are doing? Does it really help me in any way? Your ego is certainly affected in many ways. What better task I could take on instead of scrolling through to look for updates?

Don’t intentionally try to disturb your mind by thinking about what other’s are doing, what they have accomplished and maybe focus on your daily goals.



daily goals

What are your daily goals? If you have a few extra hours to spare why not make use of it to cultivate a constructive habit. Maybe read, listen to a podcast while cleaning up the room etc. Don’t make going online one of your daily goals, that I shall finish all the work I have soon to get on the couch, slouch and endlessly scroll. Nope. Make every moment count and try to awaken your mind.

Little Daily Goals | Self-Care

turn on notifications or unfollow

If unfollowing people feels rude, turn on post notifications for the profiles that you really find inspiration from. The people who motivate you, teach you something new and challenge you are the kind of people you should follow.

Who you should follow

Find creative people, some humor, mostly inspirational ones. Find accounts that help you learn something new every day when you see their updates. Look for something that resonates with you and what you want to be. Find genuine knowledge, like-minded people or accounts and something that makes you feel happy.


Never get fascinated by unrealistic lives or compare people’s life successes to your own. Avoid negativity as much as possible. If you are someone who easily gets disturbed by negativity online you should filter your feed. Never let anything on the internet influence you too much to affect how you think and believe things.

Always remember there were much simpler times, and something that has good has a bad side to it too. It is completely up to your perspective and usage. Nothing but only YOU allow social media or anything external to influence your mind. So it is up to you to choose wisely what should be allowed to touch your life.

How do you let social media touch your life?

social media

Thanks for reading! hope it helps.

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