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How to be more Mindful | Easy Ways

With mindfulness and increased self-awareness, you are able to control your thoughts and emotions better. You overcome anxiety and stress. It is so good to generally build focus and not feel distracted or hopeless. You have improved understanding of your own needs and thoughts. You embrace your emotions and act wisely. It generates self-worth and instills self-love.

With clear thoughts and emotions, you begin to practice patience naturally. You become more kind to others and yourself. Your overall compassion and understanding are highly grown with the mindfulness practices to be mindful.

It might seem like a whole big deal to involve yourself with mindfulness activities, what does it entail, how long does it take, do I get instant results? It starts with being patient with yourself, becoming open-minded and accepting.

What emotional habits improve your life



Simple meditation

Meditation seems like a complex idea. Something you would require professional help for. However, with a little bit of time aside to practice mindful breathing, you will gain higher consciousness in your life.

Simply breathe in and out. Feel the flow of each breath. Try not to get distracted but if you do stop for a second and start breathing freshly yet again with your eyes shut. Practicing this daily will eventually show great results in concentration and feeling better.

Be in the moment

Living the moment is mostly considered in a more enjoyment context or part of having fun in life. However, living the moment when you are putting washing away, cleaning your room, getting ready, driving, walking etc. brings complete mindfulness. Dedicate your complete attention to what you are doing at that moment.

If you are washing dishes and your mind wanders off to some issues, think to yourself does it help to worry at this moment? Or maybe do a good job of cleaning the dishes. Build your focus for this moment.


Focus on your senses

We can feel, see, hear, smell and taste. So when you are around a new place, notice the smell of the place, what do you see or hear? How does the place make you feel? If you are eating how does the food taste, what texture does it have, what aroma fills your nose and how does the food make you feel?

Embracing Your Negative Mood


Mind Clearance

To become mindful, you would time and again need to dump all your thoughts. Sit at least for 15 minutes daily doing nothing and try to think nothing. Space out or maybe look out of the window or simply lie down with eyes closed not with the intention of sleeping. Keep away your phone, laptop. Tell yourself that through this you want to clear your thoughts, dump what clutters your mind and start afresh.

Most people practice brain dump journal, which is a great way to clear your mind of thoughts that linger.

Be a non-judgemental listener

Think about it? Do you start judging people when they talk to you about things, their perspective or their life in general? Do you compare their ideas to yours or measure their principles to your own values? Start accepting differences, begin to understand that everyone has a dynamic personality and that each one’s thoughts stem from their own principles in life. Live and let live.


Be patient with yourself

Embrace all your emotions, forgive your mistakes and failures or your negative thinking. It takes time and effort to build positivity. Take the smallest step towards mindfulness each day to see the progress in the long run.

Ways to Keep Your Energy and Mood Up All Day

Grounding yourself

Frequently visit nature. Go to the beach, remove your shoes and feel the sand. Look up at the sky and feel the vastness. When you are in nature surrounded by trees or mountains it gives you a sense of relaxation. It makes you feel like your troubles are little and maybe you could a learn a thing or two from the mother nature.


Gratitude takes you a long way in becoming mindful. More than being sorry for things be thankful for the experiences. Being grateful brings the kind of happiness you never felt before. You build this happiness on your own and depend less on others for happiness and good times.


Thanks for reading! hope it helps.

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