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How to build resilience | Part 2 of 2

In my previous post, I discuss aspects and importance of resilience. In this one, I wish to talk about the steps that one can take to build resilience. It is about keeping a mindset that looks for everything that could go right.

Acceptance of different experiences in life

To start with, the mere acceptance of ups and downs, highs and lows can acquaint you with resilience. Preparing your mind for the worst but knowing that you will survive. Knowing that if something pulls you down, you yourself will pull yourself back up.



A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down

No problem is impossible to overcome. Even with a little bit of hope and right actions the bitterest of situations is conquerable. Go with your gut feeling of what feels right to do in your position.

Vulnerability | Why Being Vulnerable Helps


When you are surrounded by people you can trust and who are ready to help you always it helps you strengthen your resilience. You don’t feel as hopeless or helpless. Also, make sure you are helping others in their times of despair. With this, you learn how to cope with bad situations as well as gain trust.


Be goal oriented

A person’s life purpose is always changing. You reach different goals in order to serve your higher purpose. You start to value your life and see the broader picture when you have a goal set. Make the smallest effort each day to move towards those set goals.

Take Action!

Never choose to ignore

Don’t pile up strong emotions by locking them up in a corner and escaping reality. There are so many things you can do to distract yourself which might not be helpful in the long run. Resilience asks you to be a problem solver and push your problems away thinking they will eventually leave you alone.



Hardships make you strong

A person who has experienced failures, hardships and chain of struggles understands the importance of vulnerability, begins to appreciate life and discovers himself. It builds confidence and self-worth. So never try to run from adversities. Take it as an opportunity to grow.

Overcoming the common emotional hindrances in life

Visualize better experiences

Stop fearing the life events that may challenge you. Become optimistic towards life experiences. When you visualize that everything will eventually turn out great, they will.



Meditation and Journaling

Keep an account of your thoughts by journaling them. Try to build better focus in life through meditation. These help in self-care and better mental health. You begin to understand your body better. You listen and engage with your mind and body better. This also helps in choosing positive thoughts over negative overthinking.

Leave if something doesn’t compliment your life

If things are meant to get better they will, but don’t sit there and try to force things right or try to fix things when you clearly need to find an alternative. You surely don’t need to give up but simultaneously you don’t need to drop everything to fix this one thing in your life. Stay with what nourishes your life.



Be more active

Do things that you find joy in. Activities or hobbies that help you relax and calm your stress. Focus on feeling good more in your life.


Thanks for reading! hope it helps.




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