Resilience Series | Part 1 of 2

Life has different ranges of events. From minor setbacks to major losses, life-altering experiences to trauma and stress. We can simply say that it is all part of life. However, to process this fact and to be able to adapt well in order to continue the journey is resilience.

It is one’s ability to find strength in adversities. Finding the right things to focus on once the tragedy occurs and taking steps towards what’s best for them. Moving on in simple terms and revive from the difficult situations. It involves tackling different types of losses, loss of a person, financial loss, loss of a relationship, loss of opportunities etc.


I wanted to make this a two-part series as I first want to express all about resilience, how it is beneficial, its various aspects and what it entails. Secondly, discuss how to build resilience. I am not an expert but I go all out to help others. It is all that I endeavor through my blog.

Resilience is not something one is born with. Yet I still believe emotionally intelligent people have a high resilience power. Someone who is not highly resilient can follow a few steps and do things that need to be done in order to build resilience and bounce back from a devastating event. Now again this doesn’t mean that someone who is highly resilient is closed to feeling strong emotions and handles failure excellently. But however, distress they may be in, they incorporate certain thoughts and actions that help them accept and work towards improving their situation.

Break-ups, deaths, financial debts or losses, natural disasters, layoffs, betrayals etc there are so many things that are out of our control however occurs to leave massive impacts on our lives. To a great extent, it affects the way we think, our beliefs, our lifestyle and our future decisions. It is somehow inevitable.

The one thing that we immediately seek for and which greatly helps us is having supportive individuals in our lives. People who care for us and are ready to provide us with emotional strength. With this, we are able to build mental strength that allows us to do something for ourselves.

Resilience will cause you to take realistic steps toward improving your situation. Even when you believe things will get better you may still be stuck in the cycle of wondering what happened and trying to reason why it happened to you. You are only progressing when you take actions towards your belief.

It definitely demands positivity from you. Believing in yourself, believing that you deserve better and those good things will come to you. As a resilient step, you will have to build confidence in yourself and your abilities.


You don’t have to do it all alone. You can always look for help in someone trustworthy or choose to get professional help. Communication is a key, you don’t have to hold it all in.

Becoming resilient demands of being a problem solver. You simply have to look for solutions and if you can’t find any take help. Firstly take the decision that you will solve this issue in your life. There is nothing that cant be solved. All you will require is mental and emotional strength which you can receive through self-love or your close ones. The strong emotions that you go through can only be controlled and managed by your mental ability to look for positives.

It is so helpful to talk to yourself to know your own capacity, to understand your own thoughts, what helps you to collect your thoughts, what makes you hope for the best, what are the things you are grateful for etc

The process of resilience is all about maintaining a balance between feeling strong emotions and trying to lead a life with complete competence. There are times your mind will need to focus on the issue and maybe you should think of it all then stop and learn ways to stop it. Understanding that these experiences make you stronger but also you need to tend to your emotions so you don’t eventually go through mental depression from holding things in for too long.


Spend more time with people you trust, spend more time in reality, spend some time with nature and spend some time alone. The sheer benefit of resilience is that you understand that your life is precious, it is a gift and an opportunity for you, with resilience you learn how to live and thrive rather than just survive. It helps you bounce back, improves you entirely.

You need to accept that you can have all kind of foolproof plans to lead life but something or someone may throw you off unexpectedly. However, resilience is something that helps you pull together, find the courage to get back up and lead a life with even more enthusiasm than before to then be stronger when you face another obstacle.


Thanks for reading! Hope it helps.



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