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Conquering fear of rejection and failure

The simple answer to it can be believing in yourself. The fear of rejection and failure stems from us wanting approval from others. Us trying to find validation and reassurance through others. No matter how much you deny when we seek to fit in we fear a lot of things.


More than anything, fear is to be feared. We are afraid of so many things in life. It doesn’t allow us to explore, go on adventures with ourselves, fall, learn and grow. It makes us question everything and doubt ourselves. The most common of fears has to be the fear of unknown. When we don’t know how something will turn out to be, we opt instead to not take any actions. Especially if we have faced rejection or failure in the past, instead of planning better, preparing ourselves to accept what’s in store for us, we start expecting similar outcomes failure and rejection.

You should rather fear anything that stops you from trying, being yourself and achieving success. In your comfort zone, there is no growth and there is no living. You are merely surviving on the concepts you believe just because life threw challenges towards you.


Your thoughts are not You

All the thoughts that we have are not something you have to agree or act upon. What you choose to believe in are the thoughts that become reality. You believe in yourself enough but you also brew some self-doubt in your mind. Now in the life situation, if you choose to believe in your self-doubt that is created in your head perhaps due to past occurrences you will still fear to do things in the future. However, if you choose thoughts that empower you, blindly believe in yourself, you will open up so many new experiences and opportunities.

Always try to broaden your perspective. Don’t stick to your own beliefs and thoughts. You might have some opinion about something but it may turn out to be completely different. Once you understand this you will know that your thoughts have great power and the way you think can shape your life.


Blindly Believe in Yourself

Now when I say Blindly, I mean no matter how badly you feel you can’t survive out of the failure or rejection you need to trust that you will survive. I know most of the times it is us trying to make others believe in our dreams, it is us trying to impress others so people like us, however when you believe in your own dreams and have the confidence that I can make it out alive alone, you most definitely will.

Never lose hope

Most of the times we have faced many rejections and failures and it kind of feels best to give up right? But what if you knew that at the end of this you were to succeed. What if someone gave you the guarantee that you were to find bliss at the end if you don’t lose hope? Yes, you won’t lose hope. You might feel foolish or naive but guess what the Universe wants you to still believe in yourself and your dreams or forever become a fool who fears everything.

I won’t say I am someone who never feared rejection or failure. In fact, there was a time no one believed in my capabilities. They held opinions of me even though they knew little of me. It definitely made me feel rejected and I so feared to fail in front of them. However, I think I do believe in myself a lot and eventually, the people who kept false opinions of me, accepted that they judged me too soon. They appreciated my work and competence. And this event in my life has taught me so much.

YOU ARE NOT LIVING when you let yourself be controlled by fear. It doesn’t help your growth.

How have you conquered your fear?



Thanks for reading! Hope it helps.

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