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How to Live Smart | According to A Silent Observer

As you start being more mindful, believe in the Universe, trust the process and know that good things are coming towards you, you also learn a few little things simultaneously that makes you live smart.

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The chain of life occurrences should be dealt with like water. Keep flowing, but don’t force things. Do as you like but if things choose to flow in the other direction let it. Don’t force and try to change what is happening, or try to change a person. Avoid fighting what you believed and open your eyes to different perspectives.

Keep your hopes up, believe that the best is yet to come. Look at the Sunrise and Sunsets. We are so accustomed of the cycle that we don’t start worrying in every Sunlight that what if today the Sun doesn’t go down? Or what if tomorrow we don’t see a Sunrise? This is how we can train ourselves to be accustomed to the cycle of obstacles and success, bad news and good news, happiness, and sadness to live smart.



Acceptance Goes a Long Way

If you are more mindful or notice things closely, you will understand that most of our troubles, stress, and tensions begin with us not being able to accept things. Failure, change, hindrance, when we start accepting these things in life we are setting ourselves to flow. However, when we are unable to accept them we place ourselves in the opposite direction of what is coming towards us which brings chaos to our lives.

Feeling guilty, sad or having regrets is also acceptable. Accept your own feelings. Drown in it. However, catch up with the flow. Don’t hold on to those feelings. Let it teach you something and help you for the betterment. Be open to new perspectives, as mentioned before. Accept that there are beliefs and facts other than what you believe and know of.


Live and Let Live

It is so not smart to start judging someone else’s life and wasting your own time. As mentioned before, be nature inspired and here, be like plants and know that each one grows at a different pace. You might look at other’s lives and feel I haven’t done this or reached there. This is your life and that is theirs.

You make decisions for yourself and they make for theirs. If you are affected by other people’s lives and you envy them, feel jealous or regret things then maybe start making better decisions for your own good. And this rule absolutely goes the other way round.

If you don’t judge other’s choices no one can question your opinion or decisions. The more you put power in this belief the more it makes people back off.



Consciously Live in the Moment

It is smart not to over think about the future. And it is very much smarter to not dwell in the past. What you have complete control over is now, the present moment. Completely enjoy what you are doing at the moment. Feel yourself living in it. This supports all the other points. It helps you flow, grow at your own pace and accept this moment more than anything.

And folks, that’s how you live a smart life! It is easy said than done, I know. However, it is also best to always keep these points in mind and consciously making an effort to live smart.


Thanks for Reading! Hope it helps.

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  1. There is nothing like being in nature to feel centered and present. The practice of yoga has helped me integrate all of the things you talk about in this post into my life.

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