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Little Daily Goals | Self-Care

What? more goals? I know, we already have a bunch of which we are trying to accomplish by hustling. And self-care goals always take up our time right? Yet, I believe there are these little daily goals which are so easy to follow through and accomplish that you wouldn’t even know you were actually taking care of yourself until you are feeling all good and fulfilled.



I will smile, a lot

Let’s be kinder

Let’s find new music

Let’s show more love 

Let’s smell good

I will laugh more

I am going to step outside my comfort zone

I will always be passionate

I can care less of what others think

I will water my plants

I will take a walk through nature

I will make all goals happen

I will remember to do all of the above, daily


Why You Should Avoid Sharing Your Goals With Others

Start your day with a smile. Smile at people who look worried, smile when you are worried. Know consciously that whatever worries you shall pass or you will make past it. Try to be kind to others even if you are going through a bad day. Making someone else’s day kind of gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Discovering new music and having a new favorite song to listen to on repeat gives you happy vibes. Be considerate, ask people how their day was. Let the important people know how much you love them. You wouldn’t know how much it helps in self-care.



When you smell good, you feel good, confident and happy. Making a conscious effort to laugh more shows your attempt to bring positive vibrations in your life and trust me it won’t go waste.

We all love our comfort zones, but nothing ever grows there. You might have known that too. You don’t have to have something to do each day in order to get out of your comforts. But every day make an effort to reach one step closer. Even if you are still figuring out what will bring you out of your comfort zone.

Passion will drive you through unproductivity, failures, and hindrances. And you should work where your passion lies. You will know that’s all you need to be consistent and make dreams come true.



It is always helpful to remember daily that you don’t need other’s acceptance, you don’t have to obey other’s opinion of you. You know you. You know what’s best for you. That is all that you have to work for.

The flourishing and happily growing plants will inspire you, relieve your stress and clean your environment. Get some oxygen by walking through lush trees. Go to a beach, it is such a good place to self-reflect and find your peace.

Little things to do daily to Improve Your Day

The bigger goals are something that keeps up going. And so making even the smallest efforts towards accomplishing them each day will give us the satisfaction we need to feel fulfilled. And it is so important that you remember to do all of these every day as part of your self-care regime.

Do you follow through any small goals daily? What do you think about these little daily goals? Let’s discuss down below!


Thanks for reading! Hope it helps.


7 thoughts on “Little Daily Goals | Self-Care

  1. Yes self care is so important for our day to day life! And staying positive despite the difficulties we are going through make such a difference in our attitude.

  2. I’m a big believer in the importance of self-care and taking the time to remember the little things that we need. I instantly notice an improvement in my attitude and my outlook, when I remember to take care of myself properly! Thank you for these suggestions. Charlie xo

  3. I try always to take care of myself. This is ver important to me, because if I don’t feel good I can’t give 200% of me into the work. I have put my routine for a week for self care and it is working out 🙂

  4. I do have reminders to fit in going outside for at least an hour a day, time in the garden if it’s dry and also time for yoga / mindfulness.
    it’s vital to fit in selfcare that helps each individual – it’s definitely not the case that one thing will work for everyone and there’s much more to it than relaxing in a bath.
    I have daily to do/done lists – and goals for the week, month etc – some are work related, some work/life balance and some are about learning new things.

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