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Vibrations and Simple Ways to Raise your Vibrations

When you learn about vibrations and energy it helps you determine what you need to focus on. What you put your energy on or focus on, you attract those things towards you. If you are new to the concept of the law of attraction I request you read my previous posts: The Secret and Notes from The Secret

Everything around us, everything in the Universe, vibrates. Energy flows. All the things vibrate at a different frequency. That is why we say, ‘oh don’t kill my vibe’ or ‘positive vibes’ etc. When we think or feel a certain way we have a certain vibrational frequency. And as our emotions and thoughts are vibrating it will attract those kinds of energy, situations or things. You can read more about it here: The Law of Vibration

It was remarkable to know that when a human body is sick, the frequency goes down to 57-60 MHz whilst a normal healthy human body’s frequency is around 62-78 MHz (approx). Here’s another source where you can understand different frequencies: Vibrational Frequency list


There are many things you should avoid in order to not lower your frequency such as

be mindful of what you eat, avoid junk food, excessive meats, white sugar,

be mindful of your thoughts, don’t be negative, angry quite often, or be resentful or guilty,

don’t stick to a toxic relationship, 

avoid holding onto the past,

make less use of technology,

avoid toxic products,

Then there are things like medication and radiations that can lower your frequency. I think if there is some way you can dodge this scenario it will be better.

Now to the list of things that can raise your vibrations:


Get yourself grounded, feel the ocean sand, the ground beneath your feet, breathe in and breathe out. Spend time with nature.

Eat more raw whole food items, less of processed food, green vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Move your body, dance, exercise, do yoga.

Listen to music that makes you relax and or happy.


Involve in some kind of creativity.

Feel and show love, joy, and compassion.

Forgive and forget.

Be grateful and kind.

Involve in activities you feel passionate about. 


Soak in the sunshine.

Drink more water.

Make use of essential oils. Here’s a source you can find the exact frequency at which each essential oil vibrates: Essential oil Frequencies

Intentionally think positive thoughts.

Be with individuals with high vibrations.


Light candles.

Grow plants in your home.

Make use of positive affirmations.

Practice thinking good and visualize good happening. 


This requires commitment. To choose things that keep you at a higher frequency which can attract better health, attract people and things for you of a similar frequency as yours. It can be difficult especially if you function at a lower energy. But if you don’t choose to evolve out of it, it attracts all the negatives in life.

I have to rectify a lot of my habits as I wish to keep my frequency high. At a higher frequency, you experience spiritual changes in the body. Middle and lower frequencies can affect us physically and emotionally. It can all start with believing and feeling as though you are already at this level of energy where you are loved, feel happy and satisfied to then actually attract that level of energy from the Universe.

I have somehow fallen in love with how Universe and everything surrounding us works. I love to research about it and incorporate it into my life. This helps our inner growth. It is indeed a vast concept I wish to learn more.

Do you believe what you put energy in, brings those things in reality? What changes will you bring to raise your vibrations? Let’s discuss down below!


Thanks for reading! Hope it helps.

7 thoughts on “Vibrations and Simple Ways to Raise your Vibrations

  1. I totally agree in the energy and vibrations, when I come across a person I can just feel it when I meet them. Even when its good or bad, when its bad I try to stay away.

  2. That’s so interesting that there is indeed some scientific research about body frequencies in poor health and good health! I feel like many of these tips are also just generally good practices to encourage a happy, all around healthy life in many other areas too!

  3. I really do believe that what we put our energy in, brings those things to reality. Unfortunately, I sometimes get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day and lose this focus.

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