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Ways to Live in the Moment

The importance of the moment we are living now, the control we have on now, the power we have over the present moment is everything we need to focus on. On the page where I explain all about optimal life, I discuss how life is short and we should grab every opportunity; simultaneously do not miss out on having fun, enjoying doing what you like, life is long.

This concept should be practiced each day. Try to bring the balance in each day and every moment. When you think, oh my god, I have been doing so much I haven’t got a chance to sit back that’s when you should immediately rest. When you are feeling empty like you are not doing something purposeful like you have been wasting your time then maybe you should take on the next big thing that comes to your mind to work on.

Avoid Sharing Your Goals with Others

It is kind of the satisfaction of doing it all, having done enough work for the day and enjoying your time alone or with people, that will provide you with the feeling of fulfillment. A post from not long ago on my Instagram, I discuss how a picture or a spot to be specific, made me think about life.


Here are the picture and the link to my Insta profile, @kanishkassocial do follow! (plug, plug, plug) Anyways, you can see how there’s no turning back, no control over the past. And the path you choose now determines how the future will be. Does worrying about the past or future help? no.


Make a conscious effort to forget the past

It is so difficult to not think about yesterday. It surely affects our today. However, we need to focus on today, intentionally. What we have in our control are decisions and choices to make today.

Set intentions

What do you wish to accomplish from today? How do you wish your day to be? If you think today will be a good day, each moment you remind yourself to make the day a good one. That’s what you intended today to be. What do you look forward to?

How to Uncomplicate Life

Appreciate every moment

Look at all the small things in your life, all your possessions, the people around you at this moment. How does it feel to have this sight, how does it feel to have these people around you?


Focus on the now

If you find yourself drifting to a time in the past or worrying about the future, snap out of it. Focus on what’s in hand, what tasks do you have to get to. How can working hard today help build your future? Sure you can’t do everything today, but how can you make the most of today. Make equal efforts in having fun and working hard.

Forgive yourself and others

It takes time to forgive someone or even yourself. If something happened today, you made a mistake, you failed or someone hurt you make efforts in forgiving there and then. Understand how letting it go today will be better for tomorrow.

Love what you do

Unless you are doing something you absolutely feel passionate about, it can be difficult for you to love the day or even a moment. If you find yourself hating your job, just doing menial tasks to survive the day, then you should reconsider what you are doing.

If you don’t like the path you have chosen for yourself then get a new job or risk things to do what you love. You feel more alive that way. If you are in a career that is best for you, maybe change things up a bit. Ask yourself what more do you need out of it, or appreciate the positives in the job and care less about the negativity surrounding it.

passion work

Why I would rather Fail than Regret

Give up bad habits

Any kind of bad habits you have from least harmful to the deadly habits; if you wish to make the most of the moment it best be not involving such bad habits.

Be kind

Acts of kindness, help you feel happier. Something in you feels content when you help others without any selfish intentions. Give people something to make their day better, be more considerate towards them, make or do something special for the people close to you.


Being grateful is everything you can do to make your day or moments better. All that you have, the air, the roof, everything to survive another day, the people and more should be the things you are constantly thankful for.

People are happy and make ends meet even without the basics to survive. We should be more than grateful. The more thankful we are to everything and everyone, the more good we deserve in life.

Emotional Habits to Improve Life


A conscious effort again, a smile sets the mood and attitude that you wish to work with. A positive gesture, a smile can help you take on the day with positivity. Even with problems when you smile, it shows your desire to conquer the shortcomings and determination to succeed.

When you start thinking, ‘oh I don’t know about tomorrow but I am happy today with all that I have made of life’, you are consciously helping your mind and self to be healthy. And a healthy mind and soul will definitely bring a happy tomorrow!

Do you live in the moment? Let’s discuss in the comments section.


Thanks for reading! Hope it helps.

9 thoughts on “Ways to Live in the Moment

  1. I would say amen to not sharing my goals to others. I mean, some people would either not care about it, or they just want to see us fail. Sounds negative, but that’s the truth. Also, I always think that telling people about my future goals would jinx the idea of me achieving it. So, yes… Live in the moment it is! 😀

  2. These suggestions all sound so great but in reality they are so hard to do. I’ve been wanting to forgive people all my life and forget the past but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get round to it. It’s always good to have positive intentions though so I’m very thankful to have come across your post today.

  3. These are great tips to living a healthier and happier life. So often we get so wrapped in the negativity that we forget these important everyday skills. Thanks for the reminder. I will be focusing more on these this week for sure!

    Josephine | Better as Us

  4. This is a really engaging and inspiring article on living in the moment. I love it! Encouraging us to avoid “sharing” our goals with others is a really interesting concept. For me, when I start a big project, I definitely avoid sharing my new project with others as I want to be present with the goal, dream, etc. I didn’t think that others do that too!! 😉

  5. These tips are so, so good! We get so wrapped up in the ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I’m not allowed…’ that we forget to forgive ourselves or be kind. All of us need a mindset switch, but that is definitely easier said than done! I’m making a conscious effort to set intentions in my life. In fact, I’m going to write them down every day in the notes section of my planner 🙂 Such good tips! I’m going to be sure to implement them in 2019!

    xo, Victoria

  6. I usually like to share my goal with other, especially family and friends. And when I hear about other’s goals I’m glad for them.
    Yes, smiling is a great way to show that you’re present.

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