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Avoid Sharing Your Goals or Plans with Others

We all have those moments we discover and set ourselves some goals. We begin planning our next big step towards it. It is all indeed an overwhelming process and so it will be so good if you were able to talk with people about it. You know give them the details, let it all out. Sure, it will bring us all the encouragement we need right? Sorry to say but no, it doesn’t.

Letting others know your goals and plans especially if you are someone who believes in following their passion can completely throw you off the path you are set to achieve. In my opinion, let informing others also be a part of the plan, a step or milestone towards achieving your goals. However, don’t let it be the ultimate thing or the first thing you do.

Would you give away your next big move, if you knew it could make you lose everything?



I think initially we share our plans with others so that we can be praised. We can be glorified for the path we are taking. However, it gives you that instant gratification. You have established what you want to be and are being already associated with it. So you start loosing all your initial motivation to do something.

I personally have experienced this in my life and read so many research studies that show the same. My points are simpler and personal but if you are keen on learning more about the researches here is an article which you can read that will give you science-backed reasons why you shouldn’t share your goals with others. It is not sponsored.

All the Suggestions

You might possibly want to have a few suggestions, which is why you tell people your goals. But they rather confuse you with too many options. It is better to only take suggestions from an expert in that field than going about people who would google for you and end up giving too many or completely wrong suggestions. Also, some might not like what you are about to do and speak negatively of things you are so passionate about.


You need self-confidence to actually achieve your goals. But when you tell people about your plans their reactions might create self-doubt in you. You start thinking about what they think of you and it is a self-confidence killer.


Negative Energy

Now, you might not be a fan of the law of attraction or know much about it, and belief plays a very important role here. But I believe and have witnessed positive energy attracting positive outcomes and negative energy bringing in failure.

You are perhaps in a complete high and feel positive about your dreams. But when you share it with people their mindset, their negativity and the bad vibes influences your energy to a great extent. You could say it is kind of like jinxing but more of self-sabotaging if you are going about talking about your goals to negative individuals.

An Honest Friend

Here is where you want to think about, who exactly to tell your goals to. Are they people who push you to be your best self? Are they your honest supporters? and so can they be people who can hold you accountable?

They are definitely not honest supporters if you always find them talking about your flaws. You might say they are straightforward but they can’t be pulling you down time and again. And you should definitely not consider sharing the plans of your big dreams with them. If you have just one honest friend, trust me they alone can give you all the support you need from the world.



Expectations might scare the hell out of you. And you might pull yourself out of the big dream. Also, people might expect a lot from you while you are still learning more about your path and yourself which can make changing your path or priorities difficult.

Eventually letting people down is what you will do if you hype up something in front of someone. You may be utterly sure about it at that moment but you change, life changes and so does your expectation from yourself and so perhaps meeting with other’s expectations might not be possible. It’s best to not share details with others at all.

Have you shared your goals with others? Did it work out? Let’s discuss down below.


Thanks for reading! Hope it helps.


8 thoughts on “Avoid Sharing Your Goals or Plans with Others

  1. Totally agree! I shared my goal to blog with a positive friend a couple of years ago, and it did not stop me from achieving my goal. Great post. xx 💋

    1. Always love your support! Exactly I have a true friend and whenever I share my goals with her it all the more makes me excited to make it happen. thank you for your comments xoxo

  2. Sharing your goals with others can be a double edged sword. If you have the self confidence, even the naysayers can’t keep you down.

  3. Hmm this is a good point! A lot of people want to bring you down so why give them a reason to! Regardless it’s your life not theirs you don’t have time in your life for negativity! Sometimes its good to share but only bits and pieces!

  4. To be honest, I try to keep my goals to myself and just execute them! I talk about them later. I know that sometimes others may not agree with them or they may not see the same vision that I see. So I just wait to show them afterwards. I don’t want anyone to try and discourage me from following my dreams.


  5. I think sharing certain goals is a good idea when you set achievable goals – I feel there is a difference from dreaming big and setting goals! Also, I only trust my closest friends or family to tell these goals to. I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone but would love the support.

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