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Things to Keep in Mind for Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is that belief in oneself that they can do it. When you are sure of your capabilities, of yourself you will be quiet assertive. For some, it comes naturally. Some struggle a lot, including me. However, with time and experience, you learn that it is a mindset which grows as you become surer of things.

After practicing or doing the same things, encountering similar situations, you become more knowledgeable. This helps in building self-confidence. Self-doubt can still prevail. Which is why there are a few things that you should keep in mind to feel self-confident.


Stop always thinking about others

I have already written about how to stop worrying what others think. You may be confident about things, but when you start considering what others would think or say you try to bring in self-doubt. This is totally the opposite of what we are trying to achieve and so keep in mind to stop thinking about others.

Positive Energy

You can’t doubt yourself if you have a positive mindset. And so try to become a positive energy to yourself and to others. Help others, be kind and generous. Be loving and love yourself too. What you give, you receive and so all the positivity will come and there will be no room for self-doubt.


Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

Everyone is different. And that uniqueness is each one’s strength. You can’t be him or her. In this lifetime all you have to work with is yourself. Know that you are enough and if you still don’t feel confident you can still improve to reach that level of confidence.

But you cannot become someone else. Everyone has a battle of their own that you couldn’t possibly think of. And so keep in mind that you can only do YOUR best and improve.


Love starts with knowing someone better and completely embracing their flaws. So know yourself and accept all your imperfections. You will learn where you can improve, you will become your own cheerleader. When you love you the way you are you can’t doubt all the imperfections.

You are YOU

Your biggest strength in life is that nobody can be you. Exactly how you cant be someone else, you have certain powers that nobody can touch. Just the thought erases all the self-doubt.


Surround Yourself with People who Appreciate You

These people don’t sugarcoat anything for you but also tell you to not to doubt your abilities and act up. Yes, they are the most honest close individuals who understand and appreciate you and want your best. They believe in you enough that they will push you to get out there and do your best with all the support they can.

Believe in Yourself

In the end, it comes down to you. Even if the whole world believes in your capabilities it wouldn’t matter if you didn’t yourself. ‘I can do it and if I can’t I will learn to. If I fail, I will try again. If this doesn’t work out for me, cool I will try something else.‘ Keep this in mind while you are having those moments of self-doubt and I hope you are able to overcome it.

What makes you doubt yourself? What are your tactics to overcome self-doubt? You can share your experiences down in the comments section.


Thanks for reading! Hope it helps. 


6 thoughts on “Things to Keep in Mind for Self-Confidence

  1. Really great post. In the age of technology and people are watching other people and a lot are thinking that they aren’t pretty enough because they aren’t Instagram famous. We need to stop think what we don’t have and remember what we do have.

  2. Do you agree with the statement that you need to be a bit selfish to gain your self-confidence? After all, you’re the person who know the best for yourself, right? 🙂

    1. Exactly I totally agree with that! When you know what’s best for you, you are confident in your choices. It is best to be selfish at times in order to protect yourself and feel in control of your own decisions and life.

  3. I’ve struggled with self-confidence my whole life, but now that I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to not care what other people think, I practice self-love, and surround myself with positive supportive people – exactly some of the points you hit on. Just love your tips and information about this matter – great post!

  4. All of your tips make 100% sense when it comes to self-confidence. The steps are easy, but sometimes my mind just doesn’t follow along. I need to keep this post pinned, so I can refer to it when I need a little confidence boost. Thank you for posting!

  5. Oh, I love this post so much!! I have always struggled with self-confidence because I am a little weird lol but just this past year I decided hey if they don’t like me their loss, not mine and I have slowly started to brace my own insanity. Still, struggle from time to time so I am going to save this post as a reminder on those days that it is okay to be me!

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