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Making a Personal Impact on Someone as an Introvert

I have a great one to one relationships with people. It is easy for me to make an impact on one person. However, it is not the same with groups. I’d rather take a bullet or be abducted by aliens if there is a group I have to influence. (insert nervous laughs) But usually, in our daily lives, it is about making a personal impact on someone. And to make a personal impact you have to come off pretty confident.


Consider how you wish people to perceive you. If you are an introvert like me, usually I just state that I am an introvert. Definitely, in cases where meets and conversation are for a shorter period of time and you might probably never see the person again, it is easier to just get it done with.

These will be just the right ways you will need to keep in mind before you set out to make an impression on someone. See how it helps your self-confidence.

How to Uncomplicate Life

Set the intention

It is wise to set the intention in your mind first.

What is that you seek from making this impact on this particular person. How do you want to look and sound to them? What is the purpose of you trying to make an impression on them? What outcomes do you seek etc? I can’t for the love of god fake it till I make it and so what helps me to not become anxious and clear my mind is setting my intention.

Body language

I am not an expert and trust me I have to work with myself. However, tell yourself that you are proud of who you are and what you have made of life and stand tall.

Straighten your back and always look up. Avoid letting all the thoughts take control and so the best you can do is be slow and calm with your steps and talk. Think carefully, make calculative moves and don’t think your time is running out. If you wish to make a positive personal impact you have to not look disoriented.


Smile consciously

Oh, how I have shrunk the tension by just smiling.

Yes, the person we are trying to make an impact on has to feel comfortable. When you smile you look very approachable. It helps build a positive environment.

Use Gestures

Perhaps a timely nod or hand movements to add emphasis to your point. These are great in conversations as the person feels heard and you look more assertive of what you speak.


Eye contact

To communicate confidence this helps a lot.

I find trouble making eye contact if you have read my posts before you would know I struggle with self-confidence. That’s where my intention takes control. When I know this is what I want I will look you in the eye and say it to you. It is as simple as that and it works wonders.

How to Overcome the Common Emotional Hindrances

Don’t speak too softly

Another set where I have to make efforts.

But over time I have learned and it comes naturally to me. Being inaudible is of absolutely no use. At the same time if someone is trying to make an impact on me and is too loud, wouldn’t work either. That’s where you have to create a balance, bring variety in your tone. Know exactly what you have to say and enunciate words.


Remember names

Remembering people’s names shows how attentive you are to what they said. Maybe use their name in the conversation to grab their focus and keep them interested.

I am not ashamed to repeat how I am not an expert and basically learning or making efforts at making an impression on people myself. And this is my way of telling you if you are anything like me, self-conscious, introvert, shy adapting these ways can help us go a long way in the pursuit of making a personal impact on someone.

Do you use any of these ways? Do you have more ways to add to this list? Do mention them in the comments down below.


Thanks for reading! Hope it helps.

11 thoughts on “Making a Personal Impact on Someone as an Introvert

  1. I’m a very introverted individual, which is hard when you want to be an author and a blogger! Thank you for giving some pointers like these, definitely good to remember.

  2. This was such a pleasurable read because I am SUCH an introvert! I make meaningful connections on one-on-one settings but definitely lose the confidence in larger crowds / groups.

  3. Self-identified Introvert here. Contrary to popular belief, being an introvert is not the same thing as being shy. I’m pretty good at one-on-one conversations, but I tend to shy away from groups. I actually find that sometimes introverts are better with eye contact – we’re able to really focus on one person at a time. Same with remembering names: if you’re an extrovert and trying to meet *everyone,* you have more names to remember than the introvert who focuses on having a quality conversation with one or two people.

  4. I don’t have a problem when it is face to face. When I have camera or mic in front of me. It is chaos in my head. Then, everything what I know is gone, including speaking. You gave awesome advices. 😀

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