Why I would rather fail than regret | Video

I have always feared regret. If something is constantly making my heart heavy and I don’t do it, say it or grab that opportunity I fear I will forever regret it. You have this strong intuition or gut feeling that maybe I should take this action. But maybe due to external limitations you ignore your own desires.

What we have is ourselves, what will be left in the end would be you. So when that time arrives how will you look back at life? Living it wild with risks or with regret because you let things slip.

I was more determined than ever after watching and listening to Jeff Bezos’ Princeton University Speech. The video and his words speak for itself. And so I was inspired to make a video on regret and his speech is the most accurate thing I could incorporate in my video. Do give the video a watch. If you think it can inspire more, do share!

I would like to add some more words of encouragement to help you break through from what’s stopping you. Life doesn’t come with a book of guides or rules. Your thoughts become things and your passion directs you.

Follow your passion

Don’t stick with anything you hate; people, relationships or job

Take control of your life

Take Action

Avoid making excuses to yourself or others

Give up your bad habits; least harmful to deadly

Start caring enough

Don’t let people walk over you or hurt you

Don’t worry too much

Don’t allow fear to take control

You deserve everything in life

Don’t let your thoughts control you, become the one who controls your thought flow

Value every moment 

Take calculated risks

Learn new things

Make time for fun and hobbies

Travel often

Don’t be too practical

Believe in yourself 

Make your imaginations come true

Your life is the series of choices you make. So what will you choose?


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Thanks for reading! Hope it helps. 


9 thoughts on “Why I would rather fail than regret | Video

  1. Failure is somewhat better than regret as in failure, at least you gotta do something to reach that phase while regret only means that we don’t do anything about the situation in the first place. I second this. 🙂

  2. Great post – I love a bit of motivation! I have screen shot some points which really resonated with me. Thank you for sharing!

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