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Who doesn’t find Friends an inspirational sitcom? It is still relevant and funny. One of the legendary sitcoms that need almost no introduction. There are so many life lessons to be learned from it.

Being a media student I have known what goes behind making movies or short films. Yes, lights, sounds, scripts, action, camera, the people etc. And so I always wondered how each episode of the remarkable sitcom Friends was created, what and how much happened behind the scenes.

If you have watched all the seasons, you know how brilliant the actors are, how humorous each joke is, which scene will have the well-known one-liners or punchlines. But how much do you know about how they used to keep improving each scene while rehearsals to make it the funniest of all? All the people behind everything, the setting, the acting, the edits and the jokes, of course, have had the greatest role in making this exceptional sitcom.

This is a video documentary I found on YouTube all about the creation, production, members and hard work that happened behind the scenes during the making of the sitcom Friends. When you watch an episode you are really mesmerized by how the six of them have acted and all their characters gets you hooked to the storyline. But after watching this documentary you will appreciate the show more. It is inspiring how what we find simple, took so much time brewing in some one’s mind.

There are so many efforts in making one scene a refined piece. So many minds worked together, added their inputs and really did their best to make the sitcom one of the best show ever made. Maybe they never really knew how big and famous the show would become when they just worked hard with the concept and built each character, story, and dialogues. You already know the satirical jokes and sarcasm is so smooth and cracks you out of nowhere. It is noteworthy how the story is still so relevant and can adapt to a new generation as well. But everything ties together due to a single concept of friendship.

Be Hopeful

I know there’s like a whole community of Friends fans out there, I am part of which. And as friendships are evergreen so is F•R•I•E•N•D•S the sitcom. Do watch the video if you love Friends! It is not sponsored or anything it is just my pure love for the show! I find it all so inspiring.

What do you find inspirational about the show? Share with me down in the comments section!

Thanks for reading! Hope it inspires. 

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  1. Friends has always been a bit of a cult classic so you’re defintely not alone! I think the show really de-glamourised early adulthood in a relatable way. Sure it was humourous but lots of messy situations unfolded that were relatable and confronting clouded by humour

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