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In the inspiration section, I share what inspires me. And so, I am not sure how many of my readers can relate to this post but it is going to be about my love for Japan and two of my favorite Japan vloggers. My love for Japan obviously began as a kid after watching a lot of anime. Cliche I know, but it is what it is. But I am so fascinated by their culture, the place, the language, old paintings, their traditional art style, the houses, the people etc.

Webtoon Artists whose comics are a must read

Japan has to be the one place I want to visit and maybe revisit many times if I can. I am so not a person who wants to do a world tour (I apologize to all my travel blogger friends hehe) but all I want is to be able to visit Japan and literally experience life out there. I know learning the language is the key to be able to build relationships out there or have smooth communications with the people in Japan. And I am on to it!

I am only learning more and more through two YouTube channels Abroad in Japan and Tokidoki Traveller. They film and share their life experience after moving to Japan. Not to mention Japan is inspiring in itself.

Chris Broad’s channel Abroad in Japan has so much insight into life in Japan. He is a ‘British guy living in Japan’ as he describes in his channel’s description and I absolutely love his videos. They are very informative and Chris is very entertaining. From the places to explore to the places to eat; to sharing tips to travel in Japan and the things one must not do in Japan, I think he has done his best in encouraging travelers as well as non-travelers to visit Japan. I adore sarcastic presenters like Chris Broad. I found his channel when I decided I wanted to learn Japanese.

Emma’s YT channel Tokidoki Traveller is another one of my favorite channels to binge watch. She is an Aussie girl and a very funny presenter and is passionate like Chris or any other J-vloggers about Japan. I know there are many who have videos talking about the opposite which talks about how they don’t like Japan. But even after spending more than 3 to 5 years in Japan both Emma and Chris are still mesmerized by what Japan has to offer them each day. Emma lived in an 8 sq. mt Tokyo apartment and the video she made about it boomed.

They both are so inspirational to me! They are creative in their own way. To have moved from their birth countries to Japan to start a new life is kind of liberating for me. I know they share a lot that they had to go through to actually thrive in the place but they also show how if you have that passion or love within for Japan you will be able to survive, it is not entirely impossible. Thanks to these channels I learned so much about Japan and it feels less daunting to actually visit Japan and explore.


Do you have a place in the world you are passionate to go to? Which place would you choose to start a new life at? I would love to know your thoughts on this in the comments section down below!

Thanks for reading! Hope it inspires.


14 thoughts on “Abroad in Japan | Tokidoki Traveller | Inspiration

  1. I’ve never visited Japan but the country is one of the countries I’d love to see. The people, the culture, the cuisine, are simply breathtaking. By the way, New Zealand is my top list of the place/country I really want to see.

  2. Omg, I LOVE Tokidoki Traveler!!! I first found her from her video about her super tiny apartment and became hooked. She certainly loves Japan and it has an infectious effect on viewers. I love having her as a virtual tour guide of the country. 🙂

  3. I would love to visit Japan, I loved watching Studio Ghibli films growing up and I had a fascination with Harajuku fashion etc. I would love to visit Egypt, I fell in love with the history after watching The Mummy when I was a kid.

  4. I’m so with you there! I’ve wanted to live in Japan for years, and I think I’ve finally gotten my husband to at least want to take an extended vacation there:P I love both of those channels, and I’m going to throw in ‘Rachel and Jun’ as well!

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