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Tips to Make the Most of Life Experiences

We are all caught up in growing, learning, setting up a career for ourselves, trying to make a living and finding time for ourselves. In the middle of YOLO, FOMO, and JOMO sometimes we miss out on actually making the most of life experiences. Negativity surfaces when we are trying to balance everything out and we fail.

However, you can make an intentional effort in order to feel satisfied and live an optimal life. You need to make an effort daily to broaden your mindset to allow yourself to live more and feel less unhappy. The key is to broaden our perspective on the experiences we have in our lives.


Have no regrets

Forgive yourself or others, allow yourself to let go. Your life doesn’t go backward it moves ahead and you need to align your thoughts to move forward. You cannot change the past and what’s happened but the future is yet to happen and you control the present. It is only wise to never regret any experience and believe in what the future holds.

Take advantage of every opportunity

The experience that comes out of making use of an opportunity is valuable. Even if you fail at something you learn and if things work out you know how you will succeed. Sometimes we care less or fear to take risks of certain opportunities. Trying out never makes you a loser even if you fail it helps you become stronger with a lot more knowledge and experience.


Failures shouldn’t stop you

If you have failed know that it doesn’t have to be like that forever. You have to get up, find the courage and fight back. These failures can be in your career, relationships etc. We feel doomed by one failure in our lives losing self-worth. Accept failure to avoid the fear to try more or new things in life. Not every life experience will be the same and make failure a learning opportunity or take it as something that motivates you. It is difficult to rectify mistakes however it brings you closer to personal success.

Simple things to improve your day

Learn to live in the moment more

Optimizing each experience starts with making the most of every moment. Most of us have carried so much in ourselves from our pasts, that we keep worrying or planning for our future in our present moments. This is what needs to stop. You have today and what you can do can be done at this moment, right now. Make focusing one thing a priority.

When you are working, give it your all; when you are at the gym, take a deep breath and avoid thinking about life but concentrate on that moment; when you are with your people give them your total attention; when you alone avoid focusing on troubles but feel grateful.


Believe in yourself more

Making the most of life is all about taking up risks and facing so many challenges. You have to be quite assertive to deal with it all. Be confident in your skills, knowledge and what you have learned. Most of us don’t know what outcomes we will receive but with the belief in ourselves we can bring out the necessary results or try even harder.

Start filtering

You need to filter out people, things and thoughts that are doing no good to you. Choose what makes you happy. If you are on a path of self-discovery and making the most of the life experiences you will know happiness is a choice and you can filter out any negativity that makes you believe otherwise.


Find ways to express your creativity

We all like to indulge in a bit of creativity of our own. It could be singing, dancing, reading, writing, taking pictures, playing sports, painting etc. Our creativity gets locked when we are daily encountering problems and distractions. But it is vital to take time for yourself and do the things that bring out your creativity. These activities will make you happy and enthusiastic about life. You feel more active and alive.

Stop Overthinking and Let Go

Stop worrying about what others think 

I have a whole post about it which you can read here. Start living life up to your own expectations and do what makes you happy. This is your life and you shouldn’t be worried or afraid of other’s opinion. Make sure you have strong opinions about yourself and life to make the most of any experience.


Make your own decisions

Your life should be a reflection of your opinions and beliefs and not others. So the decisions should reflect the same. Even if you go wrong you can blame yourself, accept and rectify. When you let others decide for you, you absolutely surrender your life to others and become dependent. Taking advice and suggestions from others is fostering but the final call has to be yours.

Stay grateful and kind

Start being grateful for the things you have achieved and things that are in your life. Focus on how far you have come. When you look at life as a whole you will see that every experience has summed up to make you what you are today and even if it can get better, it is not the worst. Also, be as kind to everyone as possible. Be supportive of them and help them as well as make them know their importance in your life.


Be true to yourself

Avoid pretending and stay true to yourself. Make yourself know the reality and stop giving it false hopes. If you feel uncomfortable doing something don’t do it. If you feel like you want to do something don’t stop. Listen to all but most importantly listen to yourself.


Follow your dreams

Take the leap, however risky it feels. Surround yourself with people that support you and share similar beliefs. Listen to your heart and follow it. Never be at a place where your heart feels heavy or low. You will find peace when you make your dreams come true and nothing helps more to optimize life than fulfilled dreams.

life experiences

Do you follow these tips in your life? What more can be done to optimize life? Has any of these helped you in your life? Let’s discuss in the comments section down below <3

Thanks for reading! Hope it helps.

16 thoughts on “Tips to Make the Most of Life Experiences

  1. All these! And I’d like to add being present as one. It’s so important to focus on one thing at once, to get the best experience. Such an amazing post as always lovely!

  2. Yes girl, 100% – you gotta believe in yourself. You should be your own biggest fan and cheerleader because you’re stuck with you forever so may as well get along and get cheering yourself on 🙂
    Also: filtering negative people and things out of your life is super important – for your well-being and for enjoying life more.
    Katja xxx

  3. Great tips! We know ourselves best of anybody…as long as we stay in tune with what brings us joy then we can enjoy life so much more. A lot of what you outline is key to doing just that. Not caring what others think, believing in yourself, etc. Love it!!

  4. Love these tips. I needed to read this! I have been guilty for not living in the moment and taking advantage of these moments. Thank you for sharing! Also, your video is inspiring and calming. Loved it.

  5. These are such great reminders. I have made it a goal to say yes to opportunities. For some reason I always say no to events and other networking opportunities that I should be taking advantage of!

  6. I remember I used to sort of close myself off from the world around 6 or 7pm, but a lot of the greatest experiences happen AFTER THAT but again, for some reason, I just didn’t want to go out there. That all changed when I met my husband though, he made me realize that there is a fun ass world out there! Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a boring person during the day, I just for some weird reason was scared of the evening, LOL! (I am a morning person). But YOLO! I am all about going on every adventure I can get – especially if my husband is with me.

  7. This is a great post! I love the idea of living in the moment. I think if I did that more often, I would really enjoy my life more, instead of worrying about what to do about tomorrow or a month or year from now. Also, I want to be at the point where I stop worrying about what others think, but it is so difficult, when you are a natural born people pleaser like myself.

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