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Ideal Weekend Habits

Life can’t stop even if it is the weekend. If you wish to hustle or not, you definitely wish to enjoy your weekends and make the most of it. If you can’t figure out what you should do on the weekends moreover don’t want to get sloshed or waste it lying around then you should definitely adopt one or more of these ideal weekend habits.



Preparing a plan 

Without a plan, you may easily spend the weekend slacking off. When you have something coming up, something to do, you look forward to it and generally feel active. When you make use of the weekend you feel happier and satisfied.

How to Feel Active All Day

Staying active

Plan to workout, involve yourself in a sport or set out on an adventure such as a mini getaway. Don’t settle on sleeping till the afternoon. Making the most of life may happen for you at the weekend.



It doesn’t have to be something that can change your life in an instant or something big that you wish to achieve. But it should be about the little things that matter to you; that you couldn’t give much attention to during your weekdays. Maybe there was a chore you have been postponing, spending time with your family or friends or starting up something new.


How to Prioritize Better


For a healthy lifestyle, mindfulness is extremely necessary. What happened in the whole week, how did you feel, what could be better, how did you behave, what better actions can you take, what’s missing or what’s more etc.

It helps you best in living in the moment as well as making better choices in the future. You could involve in a little meditation while you reflect or simply just sit in silence for a little while. This helps in reducing stress and being more aware of your emotions.


Help someone

Have you been too caught up that you had to put off someone’s request for help or advice from you? A weekend can be a great time to shift your focus from your own problems to maybe guide or help someone with their difficulties. It helps us gain a different perspective on our own challenges. Being of service to others adds value to your life. It brings a kind of feeling of fulfillment.


Let your creativity flow

Take time out to involve in your hobbies. Do you like to read, or play instruments, play games or sports, drawing or photography? Anything that really makes you look forward to the time you will be spending doing it. It can help you revive and relieve stress.

Plan for the coming week

It never kills to have a strategy on how you want to take over the upcoming week. To be productive and have a head start with the week, planning on weekends can be really effective.

Hope you make the most of your weekends! What are your weekend habits? How do you think you can make your weekends a little better? Do share in the comments section <3

Thanks for reading! Hope it helps.

5 thoughts on “Ideal Weekend Habits

  1. Love these tips! I actually use most of them everyday, not only during a weekend. My fav are prioritise and being creative.
    As digital nomad, I don’t really ‘feel’ the weekend. It’s up to me when I have a free time. Sometimes it’s in the middle of the week. Anyway, I always try spend time outside. Fresh air and the nature makes me feel really relaxed.

  2. These all sound so lovely! I tend to plan the food for the future week during the weekend and then go to food shopping on Sunday haha.

  3. This is wonderful, I know I slack off entirely too much on the weekends. I’ve been working towards taking more time to plan for the upcoming week, but I need to plan my weekends too.

  4. Preparing a plan is definitely key for me. If I don’t, I end up spending the whole weekend puttering around my house and watching YouTube videos and then wondering why I didn’t do anything fun or productive once Monday rolls around, lol.

  5. Great tips for keeping life interesting and active! These are actually useful for everyday so we don’t also waste weekdays only on work and commuting. Have a lovely weekend!

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