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What emotional habits improve your life

I absolutely love talking about and learning how to improve our personality and life. We all have flaws and different ways of analyzing situations in life. Everything in building a strong perspective towards events in life is interconnected. For this post, I decided to invest in understanding what kind of emotional habits can help us feel more free and happy in life. To which I needed to also learn what emotional intelligence is and how it works. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is basically our capacity to be aware of, control, and express our emotions.

Not everyone has high emotional intelligence but it doesn’t stop us from learning few of the habits of highly emotionally intelligent people and adapting those habits to improve our personality and life. I am very keen on writing another post all about identifying if one is highly emotionally intelligent.

emotional intelligence

With less emotional control and less understanding of emotional expressions, it is difficult to feel like being in complete control of one’s life. When we see some of the people who are always positive and happy even in the events of discomfort we begin to wonder how it is possible. These individuals have a way of being aware of their own emotions and having control over it and only expressing in a manner that benefits or improves their living.

Happiness has very little to do with the circumstances in our life. A major part of it depends on our perspective of life and our own habits in different situations. And so there are ways you can create your own happiness with the help of these emotional habits.


Worry less about things that are beyond your control

We have control over things within ourselves and over a few around us. We don’t have any control over other people, their thoughts, life situations and occurrences due to our actions. And for things we have so little control over, accepting that there will be differences and change helps a lot better than worrying about why things can’t be in our control. Make problem-solving a habit so that you worry less and live life more.

Avoid going off over little things

You burn a lot of bridges by going off over little things and often make less personal connections with others. An emotionally intelligent individual is more aware of their emotions and chooses to argue or state their point across wisely and only when it is needed. Avoid little arguments that occur often in daily life to keep yourself and others in your life happy and improve your personal relationships. Know in what situations do you really need to take a stand and state your viewpoint.


Make exercise and sleep a priority

Exercising for even just 10 minutes can improve your mood and performance amongst other health benefits. To gain mindfulness and control over emotions you need to feel the control radiating over your body which can be accomplished by exercising or meditating. Everybody knows how a good night’s sleep gives you the best mood to conquer the day. It also boosts focus, memory, energy, and self-control.



Build a growth mindset

‘This is how I am and this is how I will end up’ is a very degrading mindset. This questions your abilities to face the challenges in life and makes you a very stagnant minded individual. Such individuals often feel demotivated, lost and overwhelmed. Start believing in efforts and improving life intentionally. Think of problems as a platform to grow and improve, as well as learn for better future decisions and actions.


This word is used far too often and its significance can’t be emphasized any less. To have clarity in your mind you should have clarity around you and in the space from where you function. Bring forth items or reminders of what is more important and your goals. Stuff from your past, things that are no longer in use, and everything that is distracting you from accomplishing your daily goals has to be decluttered.

helping others

Frequently help others

You can help someone in different ways. Through words, physically, or financially with your knowledge and capabilities. It always has a positive influence on your life. It gives you that good feeling which makes you want to be more helping towards others. However, remember not to go overboard and overcommit. Know when you should refrain from certain requests.

Learn to say no

Considering the above, you should also learn how to avoid overwhelming yourself with things you have to do for others. This calls for being strong emotionally and not swaying from what is important to you. No one is worth losing yourself for which is something you should remember before going delirious to help someone or many.

Consider your moral principles

You can never find happiness by crossing your moral boundaries. You only feel dissatisfied and regret. When you know you shouldn’t do something that goes beyond your moral values you need to take a stand and not be controlled emotionally by anyone. If you are too confused to judge what is right and wrong after doing something and feel regret maybe you need to identify your moral values and behave accordingly.

Always believe that the best is yet to come

To believe that the day has not ended yet for you to have a great experience is motivating enough to live every moment with hope and happiness. You tend to easily feel discouraged by any little shortcomings. But to believe that the future has something more gives us the courage to lead life happily.

emotional habits

Are these your habits? What more do you think can be included as a happiness habit to improve your life? Do leave a comment down below. <3

Thanks for reading! Hope it helps.

22 thoughts on “What emotional habits improve your life

  1. I always say you can tell someone’s emotional state by the state of their home. Clutter and junk and they don’t feel very good. It is so true. I also agree with exercise and not going off about so many things. We have to see the bigger picture sometimes and just put it in its place.

  2. these are very wise suggestions – thank you. I do most of these. I learned in my 30s to stop worrying about things I couldn’t do anything about… It’s really important to do some exercise everyday – I walk for an hour even if it’s just around the block. love Bec

  3. Decluttering is so, so, so important. My mum used to say that life is like a long road and you should really think carefully about the things you want to carry with you down that road – meaning you need to let go of things that don’t serve a positive purpose in your life.
    Katja xxx

  4. “Worry less about things out of your control” is definitely one I’ve gotten better at with age but that I still struggle with. Sometimes it can be hard to let go and accept that whatever outcome occurs is happening for a reason. This post is so inspiring! 🙂

  5. These are wonderful tips. I usually just think positively knowing that I am not where I was the day before, change is constant and life can only get better. I never miss out on sleep and try to throw out a compliment or two here and there and above all I trust God to help me get through whatever is blocking my focus.


  6. Love the tips! I’ve personally only heard about emotions being negative. In the sense of do not make decisions based on emotions. This post made me realize that when directed properly, emotional discipline can be life changing. My favorite is making exercise and sleep a priority! I can implement that immediately.

  7. Thank you for these tips! I need to apply some of these to my life! Being autistic can sometimes put a strain on life. An I need to learn how to just breath.

  8. With today’s stressful life your words come as a soothing breeze. Very wise words. I need to work on exercise and sleep. 🙂

  9. “Worry less about things that are beyond your control”

    This is something that I have definitely been trying to do more, as I am a bit of a worrywart. I have spent hours worrying about things that have never come to fruition and you lose so much valuable time worrying!

    Thanks for sharing! x


  10. All of these points resonate with me especially learning when to say no. It’s okay to say no, if you don’t want to do something by no means should you force yourself to. You must always do what feels good to you! Thanks for sharing!

  11. These are some wonderful steps to becoming emotionally healthy. Anything that promotes self-care and self-love I am all for it!!

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