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Ways to Keep Your Energy and Mood Up All Day

To manage to feel energetic all day long depends on various aspects of the day. There are many things that could happen that keep you motivated. However, if you don’t pay attention you could easily slip into the hands of feeling dull and lethargic. You have to sometimes make intentional efforts to keep your energy up and going. I know I avoid doing certain things that can challenge my energy. You might think drinking gallons of coffee can help you going but it is obviously not the best choice. What are your other options?

Involve exercise in your morning routine


We usually think that exercise might make us feel tired or exhausted. The aftermath would be us resting. But actually, it really boosts your energy for the day, physically as well as mentally. If you find it difficult to discipline yourself, morning exercise routines will help you generate self-discipline.

Things You Should do Everyday

Avoid social media first thing in the morning


Some things you see on social media can set your mood off and you don’t want to start off the day with bad vibes. Even if you feel like you should get on with the day your mind kind of drifts off to what information you received from social media and on repeat mode. It is best to avoid checking your social media accounts and go online later in a day.

High protein breakfast

With a protein-rich breakfast, you will feel full and energized for a longer period through the day. It is the most important meal indeed. Avoid skipping breakfast and have a meal that is protein rich.

Listen to motivating songs

You know the song that has all the right things to say to make you feel good and perky. Make sure you have a playlist full of songs like it that can keep you lively all day. Also, you could involve in a little sing along as well to feel more energetic. Somehow the lyrics above brings me courage and motivation, I listen to the song when I feel lazy it instantly makes me want to refocus and achieve things.

Stay hydrated

That sluggish feeling can possibly be due to lack of drinking enough water. And if you don’t want any slight hint of dullness, keep yourself well hydrated.

How to Improve Your Day

Have a stretching session


No, you don’t have to bring out your yoga mats and literally try to do poses. It is all about relaxing your muscles. Any stress or tension that has built up can be removed with basic stretches for just about 5 to 10 minutes.

Eat fresh fruits

Some fruits have the ability to stabilize your blood sugar levels. In order to have high energy all day, it is vital to pay attention to what goes into your body. Have more of these fruits in your diet to help keep your energy levels up from within.

Text someone you receive positive vibes from


A very random and personal suggestion to keep you active. Surround yourself with people that motivate you every day. Talk to people who inspire you often. The people who have a high level of energy spread their vibrations towards others and the impact is usually beneficial.

Avoid slouching or drooping


To boost your energy as well as self-confidence it is important that you arch your back and sit up straight.

Go out in the open

Fresh air, flying birds, bustling city, or silent nature choose what relaxes your senses and spend a little time out in the open noticing those things. This refreshes your mind and improves your functioning.

How Talking to Yourself helps to Self Reflect

Look for something interesting to do

You always feel a little encouraged to do something you are passionate about. Involving in activities that have your interests can help you feel agile and lively.

Have just one cup of coffee


Scientifically, what does the trick is a single cup of coffee. Having coffee back to back can lead you to instant crash.

Power naps


A 10 to 20 minutes of sleep in the middle of the day can really get you through the day. I sometimes find this really effective.

Get enough night’s sleep

8 to 10 hours of sleep will ensure that you have rested well and are ready to take over the day. You will feel more productive and it helps to maintain your immune system. Sleep deprivation can cause fatigue which is not what we are trying to accomplish.

Which of these ways do you actually follow to keep your energy up? What are other methods you employ to feel energetic? Do let me know in the comments section down below. <3

Thanks for reading! Hope it helps.


8 thoughts on “Ways to Keep Your Energy and Mood Up All Day

  1. I should really learn to go to the bed earlier in the evenings! I’ve added yoga on my morning routines and I do that each morning I’m not off to work (can’t yoga at 4 AM haha!)

    This was such a helpful post!

  2. there’s alot of good advice here – thank you 🙂 I get outside for an hour a day even if it’s walking around the block at work – I try to have only two coffees a day and mostly drink peppermint tea in the afternoons.

  3. These are all fantastic ways to keep up your energy. I enjoyed reading this because I’ve kind of felt in a slump lately, and these were reminders of things I can and will start doing every day!

  4. I do feel better after taking making a thirty minute nap. It normally helps me power through a crazy day. I also do feel better when I do get on social media as much, it can be sad to see the news sometimes.

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