Pinterest Hairstyles to Try!

Lately, I love trying out new hairstyles! Honestly, I’m bored with my same old look. Sometimes I really want to try some bold haircuts but I am so sure I don’t want to lose my hair length. Because let’s face it after a certain age hair growth isn’t easy. There may be plenty of ways you can stimulate it but I am always skeptical if my hair would grow back or not. Anyhoo…

I have been wanting to try some braiding hairstyles and here is some inspiration I thought I’d share if anyone wants to try out easy hairstyles.

I can’t braid honestly but I really want to try out so I can rock these hairstyles too. With long hair it is so difficult to think of something that will suit you, will be easy and is possible on your hair.

If I do try out some I would let y’all know on my insta account which is @kanishkassocial (hope you are following 😛 ) And do let me know if you try out any of these and how it goes. Xoxo.

thanks for reading! Hope it helps ❤ 


7 thoughts on “Pinterest Hairstyles to Try!

  1. These are gorgeous! My hair is in a weird stage right now, they’re not short and they’re not long. Would love to find a braid for it though😅


  2. Would love to try these out too! Def need a change up from the usual curls!


  3. Braid is the new cool these days! I like all of these hairstyles. I too have long hair that I fear to experiment with. I would definitely try some of these cool styles. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  4. These styles are really cute! I wish I could braid!


  5. I’m horrible at doing my own hair (usually just go for wearing it down and wavy or up in a top-knot). I’ve always said that if I was super rich, I would hire a professional braider to come do my hair in cool braided styles every morning (I want it to look like Katniss in Hunger Games, lol). Fingers crossed I win the lottery some day so I can be braided more often, haha!


  6. I wish I was better at loose braids. They looks like the wrong kind of messy in my hair :/


  7. I love a good braid. It can go in almost any occasion.


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