How to stop overthinking or how to let go of something

I was someone who would overthink everything. I may still have something left of it. But there are surely ways you can overcome your behavior.

There were people who misunderstood me, who disconnected, who said something, who never mattered and many more. If you are an overthinker, you keep repeating what happened, what they said or why they never said anything to you over and over again in your mind. They could be people you care, people, you don’t care or people who you don’t even know. That’s the intensity of overthinking.

How to stop worrying what others think

Sometimes, we are overthinking the actions of someone, or ourselves. Why did we react that way? Why did I say that? What will they think? Or overthinking some decisions and considering all the worst possible consequences of an action. It might even lead us to never take an action.


All it takes is the powerful thought of letting go. Once you decide you are going to let go the feeling and the urge to constantly think about a situation over and over again, you set yourself free!

Just forget it! Chant this whenever you catch yourself overthinking.

Change the track of your focus to something immediate. What is it that you need to take care of, get on with that activity to shift your thoughts.


If you are overthinking a decision take the next smallest step which will not overwhelm you and will be easy for your mind to handle.

Stop the chain of ‘what ifs’. Shut your eyes and just do it.

Start keeping a broader perspective in every encounter and situations of life. Ask yourself, ‘will this matter to me in a year or five?’ to help you change the course of thoughts to what’s important.

Involve in a creative activity or something you enjoy to do whenever you find yourself lost in thoughts, this will cut your thinking time.

You can’t please everyone; everybody doesn’t have to agree with you; differences exist; everything isn’t in your control.


If you are thinking about the worst case scenarios then don’t start with a vague chain of thoughts. List what you think can go wrong and become a better planner at things.

Consciously attempt to avoid thinking about the past. It can’t be changed and nor is it in your control. But your present is and you have to believe in your future.

None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. We are all pretty silly in our own ways. It will help to move on if you forgive yourself and forget.

Remember it is all just in your head! 

Thanks for reading! Hope it helps ❤ 


26 thoughts on “How to stop overthinking or how to let go of something

  1. Love this post! I am such an over thinker so this is very useful xx

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    1. I’m so glad this helps you 💜

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  2. I could relate so much while reading this! I am trying to do all those things you said and they are actually really helpful! Great post! x

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    1. I am so happy to know it helps you! I hope you can overcome overthinking ❤

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  3. Wonderful post! I used to overthink these things when I was younger, but for some reason I don’t bother to overthink anymore haha 😀


  4. I’ve gotten really good at not overthinking the future but I still struggle with overthinking the past — like what if things had gone differently or why did I say/do this or that. These are great reminders as to why I need to let go of this thinking. 🙂

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    1. I hope you do allow yourself to let go and stick with it 💜


  5. I think the “will this matter to me” question is so good. Keeping things in perspective like that is so important!


  6. I have learnt to be conscious about my thought process. It helps me intentionally think about things and find a solution instead if thinking and getting worried (and still not do anything about it)


  7. Everything you said here are the points I’m trying to practice myself. I easily get anxious over everything and in the long run, I know it’s very unhealthy for my emotional wellbeing. Thank you for your gentle reminders here!


  8. Love this!! I am a total overthinker but this year I decided to change that. Two of my big rules only change what I can control my attitude my words and my actions and the past has already happened move on with the lessons learned. I keep chanting just breath and let go!


  9. Love this. I Overthink everything! I’ll be chanting Let it Go!


  10. I loved your post so much and the reason is I can totally relate it to myself! Thanks for such an awesome post with great content!


  11. Great post! I tend to overthink sometimes. I like when you said shift your focus to something immediate … be in the present moment, that’s what it’s about. This has been very insightful. I would love it if you can swing by my blog and leave a feedback also,

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    1. Thank you so much ❤ surely I will!


  12. Thank you for sharing this. I can definitely relate to this since I also seem to overthink. My mom even tells me that I am such a worrier. I think we just really need to work it out. Involving a creative activity is definitely helpful. Coloring has helped in tons of ways.


  13. Wow! I needed that. Love the quotes, and the advice!


  14. very helpful tips, I definitely can fall prey to the tendency to overthink. Will try this out!


  15. I’m an overthinker as well, it can start out to be a small thing then it will explode into something bigger. There are time that I laugh at myself for overthinking things. So when that happens I have to take a step back and take a breather to calm myself.


  16. Words of wisdom. I agree it tough to let somethings go but once we realize how much unnecessary weight we carry because of them, they stop bothering us.


  17. I’m such an over thinker so this is so great! Thank you for sharing – going to be using some of these for sure!


  18. As I am growing old, I have stopped stressing. I just go with the flow.


  19. These are such wise words! I love the idea of making a small step towards your decision if you find the whole thing overwhleming. Great advice 💚


  20. Overthinking can kill your day. but after I realized I can change it, I began to meditate und red some books about it and it changed everything. thank you for sharing ❤


  21. This was such a helpful post! I think overthinking is something everyone does so having a post like this is going to be really helpful to a lot of people who want to try and overcome it.


  22. thedigitaloatmeal April 14, 2018 — 9:30 am

    I think we all tend to overthink some things. This post is a great reminder that it’s all In our heads.


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