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Achieve goals by building a day

There are many goals that you set for yourself. But have you noticed a similar pattern that eventually doesn’t allow you to achieve your goal? Maybe you constantly think of it as something to be achieved in the future.
It could be as little as drinking more water to interviewing for the job you have always wanted and working on it. Try to picture the day with you doing the things that you want to do. Build a schedule where you start incorporating those things on a daily basis little by little. 

Take Action!

For instance, if your goal is to read more books, you may start with compulsorily reading a page a day. Make a page your daily goal. If you want to learn a new language make learning a few words in that language your daily goal to achieve. If you want to get in shape just take 10 mins of the day doing that gradually you will reach there!
Understand that doing nothing won’t make a difference at all but at least living a day by doing something you love something you want to achieve and something you’re passionate about will help you achieve more goals and feel more fulfilled. Moreover when you just picture the day doing all the things that you so desire feels like a day of your dream life. Now start living it by building your day!
‘I really want to do this someday in the future’ is a sentence that pushes away the goals and dreams even farther. Similarly, if you are not happy with your work or situations that are causing you to be away from what you actually desire to do then take responsibility for it to change. For an optimal life you don’t have to do everything at once but also you shouldn’t rely completely on the future and waste a day. 

How to stop worrying what others think

Start small but at least start! Think of every day as an opportunity for a new beginning and a chance to change the way you live. It could be for a better health, better lifestyle or a better career. It is okay to take a very short step towards achieving the goal than thinking there will a better time next time. The right time is now! The right day is today! 
So schedule your day with all the things you wish to do. You have 24 hours all to yourself and in your control. No one forces you to do something out of your interest. If you feel pressured you are allowing yourself to feel forced into something your body dislikes.

How to take control when there is just too much to do

Once you step into achieving your goals little by little you will be tempted to immerse into it completely and hence accomplish your dreams and in no time live your dream life. Build your days with things you wish to accomplish. Every day bring those dreams a little closer. 
Breaking your goals into smaller ones is something we have always learned and it will be more effective if we start making daily goals out of it so we aren’t intimidated by our bigger dreams. If we can follow it daily we can do it for life!

Thanks for reading! hope it helps. <3


12 thoughts on “Achieve goals by building a day

  1. I’m very ambitious when it comes to work or blogging and I get things done, but when it comes to my own life I feel like I’m waiting for the right moment.
    Odd, that hasn’t arrived yet so taking an action is something that could be really useful to me haha.

  2. Great advice! I like how you say to do something little by little. Your advice reminds me of something I read in a book about how to eat an elephant. Answer: One bite at a time! 😉

  3. Amazing post! The things you do today, tomorrow and everyday after that are the ones that matter and the ones that can change your world and future. Scheduling my days and planning a lot has been the key to success for me. Without scheduling and lists, life might end up in a chaos in which you try to remember everything. Instead, when it’s all planned and written you can use your brain capacity to learn and create. Thanks for sharing this tips, Kanishka! Super inspiring 🙂

  4. Yes! I get discouraged when I’m not checking things off a to-do list. So I always try to break down my goals into chunks I can achieve in just one day. That way, I always have the opportunity to check something off a list. If I put a big goal on my to-do list (one that takes weeks or even a YEAR), I’d probably give up.

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