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Embracing Your Negative Mood

What? Embracing bad mood? Wasn’t she the one who made a video recently all about lifting mood? Exactly I DID! And if you would like to watch it check it out here.
The starting point is always accepting and embracing your negative mood. Once you have accepted that ‘I don’t know why but I don’t feel good’ you can start with ‘Yes, but I should definitely deal with it’. An optimal life is all about accepting the negative and positives of life and something we regularly face is negative moods.
Especially if you are a woman you obviously hate when you feel like you don’t have any control over your emotions during your periods and one would think you should have already been able to learn how to deal with it in those days. But it is not that easy at all! I know I just randomly start to cry out of nowhere also doubting my sanity?!
That said I am sure every human faces these occasional phases of mood change.
What I do is simply accept that I am not in a good mood.
I start to shift my focus and think more about my dream life, what I want it to be, how it will be and channel all those happy feelings with the thought of a bright future.

Take Action!

Here is when you should also stop yourself from thinking more of the negative stuff and involve in some selftalk.
Avoid being on social media or even thinking about your goals too much you might trigger the inner mood killer.
Just feel the moment really, yes the negativity! But try to feel superior and have control over it. It is part of you but not YOU as a whole.
Let the others around you (if you are around people or anyone) know that you are not in your best moods.
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If you are someone usually having a “bad mood” people might have had enough of you! But if you are someone who usually handles things well, it is okay to occasionally let it all out and allow others to help you out or at least know how you feel.
If you react to people giving you a hard time or maybe are just there listing you stuff you have to do there is a good chance you will burst into flames!
But worst keeping it all to yourself might not be ideal for your overall mental health. You might start feeling resentful which is harmful to you more than anyone.
So it is ideal to let people know with a very calm tone and maybe with a smile that your mood kind of feels low. They might help you lift your mood or if you need some space then it is best to communicate it rather sitting there with a gloomy look on your face.
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In cases where people don’t understand you and cause trouble for themselves by prodding you too hard, you can always tell them…
DO NOT involve in judging yourself depending on your mood. ‘Why do I feel like this?’ Or saying, ‘I am no good’. Part of accepting your negative mood is accepting yourself and being affectionate towards yourself and how you feel.
Listen to your desires, know what makes you feel this way. Make a list of what are the things you might like to avoid that makes you feel this way or how would you like to feel in that moment. Tell yourself that it is okay if you don’t want to do things right now then involve in activities to lift your mood.
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To help you with it I even have a dedicated video on Things you should do when you are upset or feel dull like mentioned at the beginning with a list of things that will help you feel better.

Thanks for reading! Hope it helps <3
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30 thoughts on “Embracing Your Negative Mood

  1. These are wonderful tips! Accepting the fact that you’re having a bad day itself helps a lot to feel better – oddly haha.

  2. Great suggestions Kanishka! It is important to accept and embrace every feeling and mood, not only the good ones but the negatives as well. Classic music and time with myself is my fast remedy in negative feelings!

  3. Great tips, Kanishka! I actually struggle with doing this because I don’t want other people to think I’m a monster or some evil or rude person. However, I will try being more vocal, yet calmer, when I am not in a good mood.

  4. This is such a great post and I couldn’t agree more! We put so much pressure on ourselves to be positive that we really need to accept when we are negative and as long as it doesn’t afffect too much, just accept it.

  5. I love your tips and I’ll try to follow them from now on. It seems that people struggle with the same problems no matter where they live or which language they speak. It’s great to know that you’re not the only one who has to deal with your negative mood. 🙂

  6. oh girl, this is spot on! I definitely know when I’m cranky and try to avoid people/social media until I either chill out or take a bit of a rest. it helps!

  7. Accepting your feeling is key. If I get upset or feel off, I allow myself a certain amount of time to feel that way before moving on and trying to get myself out of a funk.

  8. we should definitely embrace our negative food, as it’s just a part of being a human. you can’t feel positive if in the process you don’t feel otherwise. you should learn everything from both aspects and embrace it indeed. 🙂

  9. I believe this comes in handy in many situations.. Accepting something as it is, can be incredibly useful. You can either find peace with it, or you may find a resolution.

  10. Acceptance is key. I like the idea of not being on social media when you are in a bad mood. That was something that I’ve not thought about before but will be mindful going forward. You never want a temporary bad mood every now and then to have a long lasting life on social media.

  11. This is a much needed read right now. Ive been down in the dumps lately instead of feeling inspired I let the inner mood killer to dictate how I should go about with my day and that has definitely affected my overall wellbeing because now, I not only dont feel inspired and unmotivated, but I feel sick too 🙁

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