Two Webtoon Artists whose comics are a must read

A silent observer always promotes optimal life, which I define as the lifestyle with a balance between the positive and negatives in life. A balance between grinding and relaxing. The acceptance of whatever life throws at us and dealing with it. And I constantly search for inspiration that supports the same idea.

Things you should do when you are upset or feel dull

Webtoon is such an amazing platform for budding and established artists to run their webcomic series and for readers to enjoy those series for free. I spend endless hours reading and catching up with some of the comics that are updated daily. There are few comics that are completed and there for you to read from the start. And trust me, if you begin, it will be too hard for you to resist reading or even stop.
Each and every comic is interesting and accumulate fan base quickly. There is some slice of life kind of comics I enjoy reading. Also, there are few stories that are more realistic. They are entertaining and relatable to every human.

Each comic is unique but what I feel is that these two comic artists’ comic series inspires living an optimal life. Finding inspiration from the little things in life is so important. Also, they show us how to be grateful for every little incidence in life.
The webtoon artists I am going to be talking about are Waroo and Subong Park I could not find Waroo’s social media so I directly linked to his webtoon search page.
Waroo’s comic category falls into heartwarming and Subong Park’s in drama and romance. Let me introduce them one by one!
Waroo:                  Smile Brush                     Smile Brush: My old pictures
With ratings like 9.54 and 9.65 respectively there’s no doubt these comics are amazing. These are Waroo (a long-haired BOY’s) memories that he shares in the sweetest way possible. He tries to share his fondest memories and those moments he learned something about life. And yea life ain’t easy and he doesn’t hesitate to portray those memories too. He so amazingly pays tribute to the people in his life by dedicating episodes to them.
And his art style is so brilliant and I am sure no one to judge those artistic skills but as a reader, I loved it and found it refreshing! No spoilers but Smile Brush Ep. 29 will leave you in tears but you know that’s the reality of life. Hey! there are some that will leave a smile on your face too! and not many artists can juggle the two and bring balance.
Subong Park:     Cherry Blossoms                      The Girl from Class
His comics have star ratings of 9.20 and 9.43 respectively. Now, these are short and sweet stories. Drama or romance usually in movies or legendary stories are so hard to feel connected to. Especially when you are breaking up through texts IRL.
Moreover, it doesn’t always have to be a happy ending or have an ending because life goes on if you are in a relationship or had a breakup. The one that got away? The crush of your class? Doesn’t these feel real? well, you should definitely check out his comics that portrays love as it is in actuality.

Hope does matter

These comics portray life’s harshest truth to the sweetest realities in the most artistic way possible. How much you like it or not depends but you sure will feel inspired by life and love once you read these comics. You need to keep your mind and heart open to let the sad sink in and the happy warm your heart! As long as you respect and accept this truth about life and experiences you are going to be strong-minded and live an optimal life. 

Thanks for reading! Do give them a read.


37 thoughts on “Two Webtoon Artists whose comics are a must read

  1. This is really neat and I had no idea such a thing existed! What a fun (and free!) form of entertainment. I’m definitely going to bookmark these 2 to check out when I have some time on my hands (as I’m sure I will get hooked). I love graphic novels so I feel like I will definitely enjoy this platform. Thanks for the recommendation, love!

  2. This inspired me to read some comics again! When I was a kid I used to read Donald Duck & some manga. I think I’m going to get my Conan’s out of the storage & start reading them in the evenings.

  3. That’s a great inspiration to start reading comics, which i have to do since, ah, I don’t even remember! Love your presentation!

  4. How awesome is that! I would always go for the comic section in our newspaper first and foremost. I’ve never heard of this platform but it sounds really amazing and like something to get hooked on 💕

  5. How neat! I’ve never heard of this site! There are so many talented artists in this world and this seems like such a great platform for them to share their work!!

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