Things you should do when you are upset or feel dull | Mood Swings

I have uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel. I share how to lift your mood when you are not in your best moods but want to feel better.
This will help if you have anxiety, or get mood swings around those time of the month! You know the days when you see something on the internet and it upsets you. The days when someone tells you something hurtful, or when you faced a small setback. Days when you just don’t want to do anything.
The fact is some of the things I mention in the video are scientifically proven to boost your ‘happiness hormones’. Some of the days you just can’t stay feeling low if you are upset you have to move on and catch up with life as life goes on. I thought it would be best to make a video listing the things you can do to boost your mood. It is a less than 3-minute video so do watch and hopefully, it helps!

Life is not all about positive spins, sometimes you have to prepare for the worst and get through it in the best way possible!

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44 thoughts on “Things you should do when you are upset or feel dull | Mood Swings

  1. Good job with the video šŸ™‚
    Here are some more things, that I do:-
    1) Go on a trek
    2) The arts – writing/doodling/playing the guitar
    3) Watching comedy series – I like the Simpsons series
    4) Getting a massage
    5) Reading blog posts
    Do drop by mine.

  2. Yes music is always my go to!! And even when you really dont feel like doing any of these and make yourself…. You are so glad you did!! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Ah I loved your tips! Music is my go-to each time. I love to listen to some punk when Iā€™m feel down, it always cheers me up haha

  4. I tend to head towards music to help me lift my mood, and also working out – there is nothing better for me than hitting the gym with my bluetooth headphones and getting lost in myself for a while. Great video šŸ™‚

  5. Drinking my coffee in the morning always gets me into a better mood and listening to my favorite does that as well. Also spending time with my fur-nephew brings a smile on my face.

  6. Music always helps boost my mood, and I’m learning that going for a run does as well. Taking social media breaks helps if my funk is particularly bad. Thanks for these tips šŸ™‚

  7. I just subscribed to your youtube channel and boy is it growing super fast!it’s always cool to come across other indian bloggers like me.keep blogging!<3
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