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How to take control when there is just too much to do

We all have been in that moment where we have just too much work to deal with. It could be a consequence of our delay or perhaps things have just lined up out of nowhere with close deadlines.
If you are anything like me, things always pile up for you or raid on you at the last moment when you have too much to handle but too little time to complete. You know your situation well so let me just start with what to do or what I like to do and maybe helps you too.
Become mindful and stay calm
Firstly set your timer for about 5 minutes. Shut your eyes and take deep breaths. Become conscious of your breathing, release the tension. Let go of the feeling of stress intentionally. Visualize it leaving your body.
Become mindful of how situations like these affect your body. Now think of how you can take advantage of the situation. Take the opportunity to learn to be better at managing time and dealing with stressful situations.
Prioritize work
Set your priorities straight. Know that you cannot do everything at once. Obviously, because you have too much to manage with too little time. Accept the fact and work on the priorities that need your full attention.

How to Prioritize Work

a) Pick the most impactful task to be completed first
What are the tasks that you feel will have the most impact on your day, work, a career as a whole?  Now pick that particular task to work with and make it your best work done.
b) Pick the most difficult task to be completed first
The difficult tasks that will occupy most of your time to be completed and which has to be done meticulously should be taken care of first.
Honestly, drop off everything else that doesn’t fit into the above categories.
Say no to more work
Half-hearted and poorly finished tasks are the least you want to do in a situation like this and also with regards to your career. Accepting work just for the sake of attaching your name to the project and eventually not being able to complete the work or do a good job will not speak highly of you. Even if you yourself want to do something more, knowing how filled your plate is, it is wise to not take up more work on your shoulders.
Dedicate yourself to the tasks
The tasks that you have finally regarded as the most impactful and difficult ones should now be completed with full focus and dedication. As the work that you actually will be able to do should be perfect or at least done to the best of your abilities. Rather focusing on doing ten things partly and poorly, focus on doing just one the best.
Keep planning at bay
Sometimes we can’t stop overthinking everything. What will be the consequence of not doing something, how should I go about these tasks, maybe if I start now I will be able to finish it by 3 hours but if I do this, maybe I can work faster… Just stop. Start working and don’t let the thoughts of future or what can happen, hold you from actually getting stuff done.
Reconsider your ways
Maybe all this while the functioning system which you followed is making things to delay or maybe you are stuck with ‘oh I have always done things this way.’ Be open to how you can make things more easier for yourself. Maybe talk with your superior or coworker or anyone really who can give you the best suggestion with regards to the work you need to complete.
It is okay, just smile
honestly? Didn’t you think you were to die if you did not submit a project to your class teacher before the deadline? Even if you couldn’t it didn’t kill you. And if you did, you are wise enough to know now that you wouldn’t have died.
These are life’s trivial parts that will go about smoothly if you just figure out how to manage it. It is up to you to control how you feel and don’t be completely stressed out. If your mind doesn’t function properly, there will be no way you can finish off with everything that is on your plate.
So you get it right? Worrying won’t help! So just smile, follow the steps above and get going!

Thanks for reading! Hope you find it helpful.

24 thoughts on “How to take control when there is just too much to do

  1. After the holidays and even going into the new year, there’s was a lot of work piled up and chores to catch up on. My boyfriend and I teamed up to get it all done in a single week & now we’re pretty much on track with cleaning and keeping tidy around the apartment. It’s so nice to start with an empty slate (:

  2. Amazing tips! I always start to panic when stuff keeps piling up and there are too many things to do. Getting calm helps for sure & I usually cut them to smaller to do- lists to reduce the stress haha.

  3. Yesss at prioritizing your work ! I need to jot down things that have to be done because if I don’t I feel as if I am trying to do everything at once. Talk about a work overload. Also I love putting the longest tasks first. So the rest of the day eases up. 🙂

  4. Thank you, this was very helpful! I’ve always heard to prioritize tasks by placing difficult or higher priority jobs first but I rather like the idea of putting impactful tasks first. This seems like a nice way to refocus when you’re overwhelmed because you have to examine the BIG picture in order to determine what task is going to have the biggest impact. Very cool.

  5. These are all great tips. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be the 1st to admit I’ll do the smaller, easier tasks first to cross them off the list but much more satisfying & productive to take on the big things first. I’m a total list maker and there’s nothing better than checking something of the list. Right? Have a wonderful, productive day!

  6. This is a great post! I get stressed out a lot at work, mostly because I am worried about getting in trouble if I don’t get my work done on time. However, this post encourages me to just do what I can, the best I can, with all my heart–things I aim for in life. So, thank you, Kanishka! 🙂

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