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Introduction to A Silent Observer

Hey everyone, if you all haven’t already noticed Kanishka’s Diary is now A Silent Observer promoting an optimal life. It is still WordPress hosted.
Kanishka’s Diary is still a part of the website as part of old posts in the Diary section. If I anytime want to talk about my life or my opinions, in particular, it will be updated in the diary part of the website.
Since September I have been eagerly working on building a website that is related to promoting an optimal life. And as gratitude is part of optimal living, I would like to thank my readers, blogger friends, and subscribers who were sticking around even at the time my blog wasn’t being updated. Also, hoping you all will enjoy my articles from here on.
This feels more professional! Even as the site was private it got traffic as I think people were eager to learn more what the blog was all about. I am super pumped too! If you are a new reader I hope you consider subscribing to my blog to join me in making the most of our lives.
Take a tour of my blog right now!

8 thoughts on “Introduction to A Silent Observer

  1. I follow all your articles with pleasure, as they are very close to my heart. Good job! And I hope you’ll continue having such a valuable blog. 🙂

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