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Two Awards!

I’m so thrilled to let you all know that in the month of July I had received two awards from two amazing bloggers. Gemma from Gems Life nominated me for the Liebster Award and Juliette from Juliette’s Life nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Very grateful to both Gemma and Juliette. Do check their blogs out!
How my blog started
I have been journaling my life since I can remember. Seriously I don’t talk much but my mind bursts with words. I love documenting life events and when I stepped into college I really wanted to start a blog. Well, I was too intimidated by the idea of writing for a bunch of people to read it and so kept procrastinating. In the month of February, I set up my blog but kept it private so that I at least assemble a couple of posts to put up. I settled for the niches I wanted to experiment with and voila my blog was live!
My advice for new bloggers
Be confident with your words. Whether it is an experience or thought you are sharing or giving a piece of advice or tips etc, be confident. Maybe you want to check your facts to be confident about what you are putting up on your post. When you believe in your work others will too. Know that the efforts count and this should keep you going!
Become active in the community! For those who really wish to be an established blogger, it is important for you to let people know that you exist! Initially, even I struggled with getting readers, views, and likes.
Then I joined social media groups for exposure and more importantly started appreciating each blogger on WordPress. Shared my thoughts on their posts which invite them to my blog posts. However, keep it real and stick to people from your own niche or otherwise, it looks like you are only trying to get as many followers as possible.
Answering Questions from Gemma

How are you?

I am doing good! Thanks, Gemma.

If you get a one-way ticket to anywhere would it be?

Brighton, England.

 Who is your style icon?

Marzia Bisognin and Rhiannon Ashlee

How would you spend a Friday night?

Snuggled up at home reading books or watching YouTube videos.

The first person, you texted this morning?

My sister.

What is your all time favorite beauty product?

Lakme` Insta-liner Eyeliner

What has been a highlight for you this year?

Starting my blog.

What’s your favorite movie of all time?

I don’t have any specific favorite. 🙁 

 TV series you are currently watching?

I am not currently following any TV series. Last was Pretty Little Liars, and now I am just rewatching Two Broke Girls.

What is your top tip on how to look after your hair?

Oil your hair regularly twice a week.

Any holidays planned for the rest of the year?

Perhaps a short vacation with my family!

Thanks again Gemma and Juliette for nominating me!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow! These two awards sound just awesome! I don’t really think I will ever achieve such a success as I feel not too many people visit me … but maybe these are just the ups and downs of beginners. 🙂 Congrats on your big success! 🙂

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