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Another Uptown18 Haul!

So I am guilty of another purchase from the site Uptown18. This time I collected as many bookmarks as possible as there was a sale going on. I also went a little crazy with mini pouches. 😛 And I also purchased a notepad, which I totally needed!
It is just that I love the custom designed products so much and really loved the products that I had purchased from them earlier this year. You can check out the items that I bought then, here.

Mini Pouches


(These are mini pouches but are very practical and I have already stuffed them up!)

So let me share with you, my purchase experience this time. It is not like I hated it or it was a mess or there was a delay or anything. They basically take 15 days after you place an order with them to deliver it and I don’t have any problem with this because their products are of good quality and so I have absolutely no issue with them taking so much time.
However this time the whole shopping process was a bit odd. After I placed my order, kept the payment COD, everything was good and then crickets (insert sound effects 😛 ). They never intimated me along the whole process and I literally thought they just ignored my order. I even sent out an email to them expressing my concerns and trying to know if they are going to deliver me my ordered items.



(Top: is a pretty witch print; Middle 1st: Minion Banana print, 2nd: Cute Nope print, 3rd: Pineapple print; Bottom: Tumblr eyes print. Nope is my favorite!)

I completely forget about what I had ordered and was like eh, Il just re-order next month. Out of nowhere then, I get a text from them saying the package is out for delivery and will be delivered on so and so day to you. For a second I was like what? XD
It was almost 16 to 18 days but I am glad they did ship out my purchase. I don’t think I have the right to complain and I am not actually, I really think the items from them are worth the wait. But this process usually has some steps and during my purchase for the first time within a week or two I had received my tracking number or something and I could track it. This time it was kind of weird. XD But hey I am happy with their customized stuff and I would love to make more future purchases from them.

Which design did you like the most? Leave a comment! <3

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