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Importance of being sensitive to others

Hello, awesome readers! So recently I have been calling out so many people insensitive! And I have my reasons. I don’t say I might not have been insensitive myself, and I guess it is the human’s mood to blame when they tend to not be considerate of others. So please don’t get offended!
It is just a simple idea that people should start being more emphatic towards others. I think the key is to practice patience more.
I know the concept of “I don’t give a fuck” is really cool. But sometimes you gotta give a fuck not because you will get anything in return but because it is the virtuous thing to do. Not for anyone else but to develop a fine personality one must always be sensitive towards others. And you will be happier and have a better day if you do.
Really I feel guilty if I any time act insensitive towards a person. It is in the little things like waiting for the other person to go if you know if you rush you both might bump and have a dispute, showing gratitude for the services you received, trying to understand the other person if they made a mistake or did not treat you well. Now the people I am talking about are strangers, not people who are close to you or related to you.
I know I hate when people from my building are so insensitive to forget to shut the elevator doors properly and then others have to suffer. There have been plenty of times I have used the stairs but make sure I shut the elevator’s door on my way. Seriously even I don’t care for such people, but isn’t it the righteous thing to do?
I know even I am nowhere close to perfect but sometimes you just have to use your common sense and do the right things. At least I am on the path to be righteous, that I am sure about!
You know the lane is too tiny for two vehicles to fit in and yet you keep honking so that the vehicle in front of you makes way for you somehow? How? You know the vehicle that has stopped in front of you is a hired autorickshaw and will drop its passenger’s and be moving in about 2 to 5 minutes, yet you keep honking endlessly, don’t you think it is insensitive? And just like I mentioned it is the lack of patience that makes people honk vigorously.
There are also people who expect from you to move out of their way and ask you questions like can’t you see? Didn’t you hear me say excuse me? Well to lead a happy life stop expecting from everyone! If you can see you are gonna bump into someone wait, make way. Because that is in your control to avoid any casualties and if still, people try to hurt you then they are legit jerks.
Most of the times, at a service provider’s office I have seen many people lose their patience in no time and yell, argue only stick to solve their own problems. It is the worst when you don’t try to understand what others are trying to tell you or what issues other’s have that they need to solve. Definitely, if things go out of limit and situations don’t make sense then you have the right to get angry and make things right by yourself.
Being more patient has helped me a lot in the long run. I have been treated well by people and things work out smoothly for me. I have skipped many such disputes by not expecting but trying to avoid situations that might make me look like a jerk trying to find a reason to argue.
Also, greet and meet people with a smile, it is a lot easier and quicker to acquaint with people this way!
Some of the examples are genuine experiences. My only motive with this is to persuade people to be compassionate towards others so that we build the world where there is peace, harmony, fewer differences and a lot better understanding. So make sure you practice patience and start trying to be more sensitive towards others.
I know it won’t change the world instantly around us but can’t we initiate some efforts? There might be others or the younger generation who may watch and learn from us.

Thanks for reading!


26 thoughts on “Importance of being sensitive to others

  1. Being nice to people & listening to them has always been something I try to do 🙂 this was a food for thought! Great post 🙂

  2. I like when people are sensitive, when they are nice to me because it honestly makes my day. I feel better, I am better to others, it’s like a chain motion. And it doesn’t cost much, the key is in patience indeed.
    B, xx | http/www.queenbsdiary.com/

  3. Think before you speak, and treat others the way you want to be treated is how I was raised. Unfortunately, we now live in a society of privileged thinkers people that think they can never do wrong and their opinion is the only one that matters and anyone that is against them is wrong. So what do we do, kill them with kindness not stupe to their level

  4. I think kindness is so important and that comes with being sensitive and realising that everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about so always be kind!

  5. I love Joyce Meyer’s quote on patience. Really, if everyone is mindful of how they treat others, the world will be a much happy place.

  6. YAAS! Seriously. Yesterday I was loading my car on the side and a lady started honking at me because she wanted the spot. I moved my cart let her pull in then went back to loaded and she decided to move her car and almost hit me! People just dont pay attention to anyone around them!

  7. Great post, like always! I am a fan of your blog! I love how you kept it straight in this post! I wish everyone would remember the golden rule: “treat others the way you want to be treated” And also pay it forward sometimes! Keep up the good work!

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