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Why I celebrate Rakshabandhan…

Hey, everyone! How are you guys doing? How is August for you’ll so far?
Well for today’s post I decided I will share with you all why I celebrate Rakshabandhan. I know the people who know about this festive day will be like it is already over and been weeks. But hey I still would like to share my ideas because doing it late is better than never.
Well, Rakshabandhan is mostly celebrated in the northern and western parts of India, but yeah I and my family celebrate it too even though we belong from the South of India. The simple reason behind it is because even my parents and aunts are born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra (western India). We follow and celebrate most of the festivities that the people belonging from the West celebrate.
However, my reason goes beyond.
On the day of Rakshabandhan, sisters tie ‘Rakhi’ which is like an amulet on the wrists of their brothers as a part of a ritual where it renews their bond. “Raksha” protection “Bandhan” bond, typically means that the sister who ties Rakhi on her brother’s wrists expects him to be responsible for the future care and protection of her.
Now I have three kid brothers who are my cousins and we follow the ritual too, being a Mumbaikar. The reason why I love to celebrate this traditional festival is that this is the time where we come together, brothers and sisters. For my immediate family, I only have my sisters and brothers and of course their moms as they are my mother’s sisters and uncles. I am not really close to my grandparent’s sibling’s family or distant relatives. (facepalms)  Sure, there may be plenty of other festivals that calls for a family get-together but we all mostly end up celebrating those as nuclear families. Partly because we all reside in different and far locations.
When I tie Rakhi on my kid brothers’ wrists all I expect from them is to always make sure to respect the bond and travel back from wherever they are to meet us sisters at least once a year around this festival. For now, they are just 8-10 years of age and are dependent on their parents obviously to move or travel around. But I really wish that they develop into people who respect and care for this family bond and don’t end up forgetting or ignoring us.
I mean they won’t but the world and times are changing so quickly, the traditional festivities, however, are celebrated without being missed. That’s what I would like them to learn to be closely bonded with their sisters to at least share their lives with us and not necessarily ‘protect’ or be responsible for taking care of us.
Among we sisters as well we wish each other and promise to protect and look after each other. Hehehe that is all voluntarily 😀 In fact, this traditional ritual is also celebrated amongst various other relationships where a person expects the other to care and protect them in the future.
Just always remember us and come visit us, sisters, always!
Also, as today is the 15th of August,

Happy Independence Day!

to all my Indian readers and blogger friends!

Thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “Why I celebrate Rakshabandhan…

  1. What a beautiful tradition. Tradition and family are everything. People forget that traditions are actually a wonderful way to bond with family. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. That’s one beautiful tradition 🙂 I love to learn something new about different cultures. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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