I am mesmerized by Reuben De Maid!

So this kid blew my mind! Reuben De Maid has an incredible personality and confidence that not many at his age or of any age group “usually” have. This kid has mesmerizing makeup and singing talent. <3

So who is Reuben De Maid?

Well, Reuben De Maid is passionate about makeup. Since the age of 8, he has been learning through the various makeup tutorials and blogs online. Reuben was bullied but the strong kid stood up and got a transfer in a school where the children were more accepting of his unbelievable skills.
Now, all that is in the past, Reuben presently has over 11.9k followers on his Instagram account and is a booming star conquering all of the social media and people’s hearts! He is the most sensational singer and exceptional makeup artist. People from all age groups and genders are falling hard for this kid and his unique personality.

How I discovered Reuben De Maid <3 ?

The first time I saw him was in one of his Instagram videos, with his captivating style doing makeup and being all flawless! Another thing that made me watch his complete video was him resembling my cousin kid bro. So I have a soft corner for him and immediately grew fond of his “unique character” to quote Ellen.
Next thing I come across his YouTube video on The Ellen Show Youtube channel. He instantly became my spirit animal. That class and sass (in a good way) were really absorbing, not to mention inspiring!
Here is the list of tips he shares on this video while doing a makeup tutorial and everyone should make a note of it! At least I did!
So in this video, he shows us how he got the look that he did on the Ellen Show. It is astonishing how this kid has figured all his products so well! Oh, and how we at the age of 12 were busy digging mud! (no offense) Haha 😛
No.1 tip– He used his middle finger (not to offend anyone) but because this finger is the lightest on your face and so everyone should use their middle finger to spread foundation, primer, cream etc (and when you are infuriated of course 😛 )
No.2 tip– So I am not sure if I got this right but I guess he shares that while buying a foundation you should match it to the bottom of your neck and choose three shades, a light one, medium and dark one and then whichever matches will be the best for your skin shade. While applying the foundation use a damp beauty blender to let the product sink into your skin.
No. 3 tip– Well, this depends on each individual but Reuben uses eyeshadow to fill in his eyebrows and he suggests that you can use eyeshadow to contour, for eyebrows as well as for highlighting. There are no such rules for using the eyeshadow palette.
He is such a sweety when he shares relatable stuff. Like having a good eyebrow as in everyone has one good eyebrow than the other and one always feels lopsided or improper. And also when he says not everyone has time to do a 45-minute makeup. <3 😛

No. 4 tip– To get rid of all the smudges caused by eyebrow filling he uses concealer on the eyeball and which also acts as a base for eyeshadow. He suggests that you properly blend the concealer and set it or else it will be a bit of a hard work if it gets smudged by the wet surface.
No. 5 tip– He makes an acute triangle on the bottom surface of the eyes with the concealer as it gives the center of the face notable brightness.
No. 6 tip– Make sure the concealer you choose is two to four shades lighter than your skin.
No. 7 tip– Follow the line of the bottom of your eyelash to start your eyeliner and continue that line to get the perfect eyeliner shape.
The best tip at the end he gives is to “Be Yourself!”  Everyone, learn from the kid.
In case you guys knew about the above tips then spare me, I didn’t know, so I had to make a list for myself and the people like me!
So yeah these were like the general makeup tips that he shared along with doing his own makeup but if you want to check out how he really got this makeup look then click the link below to watch the full video! I hope you enjoy and get inspired as much as I did!

Thanks for reading.

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33 thoughts on “I am mesmerized by Reuben De Maid!

  1. I saw him in a short video on Twitter recently! He’s so adorable. My makeup skills were definitely not on that level at that age, but then again makeup tutorials weren’t what they are today lol 😅

  2. He is so talented and so brave. He is so right about tips number 2 and 3 – but most of those tips are true. One day he could be an amazing makeup artist. 🙂

  3. Oh he’s such a talented young person! And that eyeliner, oh my goodness no matter how I try I wouldn’t be able to nail it like that. Damn, he’s good!

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