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Home-made Natural Hair Oil

Hey, guys! How’s everything going?!
I decided that I will share my homemade hair oil recipe on my blog. It is totally natural made with raw materials that will nourish your hair and scalp and will benefit in the long run.
The procedure needs a little effort so you might think it is a hassle but trust me it is so worth it! Honestly, for me my mom prepares this oil, (facepalms) she did a lot of research to get this recipe for hair oil that helps your hair and scalp naturally to grow and stay healthy. But I had to share it with you guys so that you can try it and see the results yourself.
So the quantity of the ingredients is as per the quantity of oil you want to keep in store. We measure with the help of the bottle you will see below but after the procedure, we yield half of it as the ingredients soak up some of the oil but the ingredients leave all its nutrients in the oil as it is being boiled.

You can use as little as 5 shallots and 3 gooseberries handful of curry leaves and a leaf of aloe vera or half of it if the leaf is too long so that the ingredients don’t soak much of the oil. Grind all these ingredients.

Take coconut oil of any brand you like but should be coconut oil…

Measure with the help of a bottle you want to store the prepared oil in.

This is a 200ml bottle.
Pour the oil in an iron wok.
Next, you need to add the pulverized mix as well as add these two ingredients…
Approximately, 5 of it!
2 Tablespoon of the powder.
Start to fry these ingredients. You will see that all the ingredients are soaking up the oil and you need to boil it till it turns completely brown and oozes all the oil.
It will look like this…
After cooling down, strain all the possible oil into the bottle repeating extract as much as possible from it!
The next day, you need to add another ingredient…

Pour the oil from 3 of the capsules into the oil we prepared and it is all done! Ready to use.
We are able to extract about 150ml of oil or so which should last you for about 4 to 6 months if used by one person or two. I am looking forward to putting up my hair care routine for which the oil recipe was essential and so I put up this post first to compliment my coming hair care routine post!
Hope you try this and it helps!


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