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The Value of Money? Or The Value of The Work?

Hello, guys! Today’s post is going to be about career stuff. After the age of 20, everybody starts thinking about what kind of job they want, goals they should make etc. For some, it’s still about learning more and so they are still pursuing their education, post graduation and more.
It makes me feel weird how people are so sure what they want from life. In my case, it wasn’t easy since the beginning. I’ll be taking the topic of choosing the right profession to a different tangent altogether which is why I’ll stop this topic right here, to talk about it later. What I majorly want to focus on is about the value of the career you pursue. Is it always about money? Indeed we need money for survival and with the increased degree of lifestyle, everyone needs a little more than extra.
I changed many jobs because I was never satisfied. Which was too irritating and I thought to myself what is the thing that satisfies me?
Honestly, I have many talents, trust me, I am not boasting, it is quite nagging. You are not good on one single thing but in many things, at the same time, it means you are not your best in all of those things. For instance, if you are a dancer you are best in dancing if you are a painter you are best in painting. But my dancing was 50% good and even for painting, I was 50% good which goes for more such things that I am 50% good at but not completely the best. I hope I am making sense? I want to do many things at once, but the matter of money should not hinder my progress.
I was employed in a company where I got paid well, at least for this point in life I did, but I wasn’t satisfied. there are plenty of reasons one is not satisfied but mine was because I was being paid for nothing. There was hardly any work but I kept dragging myself to the job just because I had a good salary, I needed money. But I eventually left the job after numerous days of the dilemma. God, why would anybody leave a secure job?

To reach for their dreams!

Because I never wanted the matter of earning money to stop myself to achieve my dreams. Everyone should spot their passion and chase the dream they have been thinking about for a long time. There is no other way for one to be happy. At least in my opinion!
Eventually I realized when I think about my passion, I become more stimulated. I want to achieve those things and that is what keeps me going. And it is not somebody else’s dream or  company visions that I want to fulfill but my own. I wanted to work individually on my command.
I might fail, I have failed and everybody does. Someway or the other right? Either at work or otherwise choosing the wrong field. I have been there. I literally did my best to get into a traditional job in different fields relating to the same profession I am in, but I could not wait forever. And whenever the opportunities did arrive it was all set in the wrong timing. Perhaps it was never meant to be thus I never got hold of those opportunities.
It is hard to choose your dreams over a job which is secure whereas your dream won’t promise you success or money for that matter right away. I realized that the talents that I have or my profession can be used by myself rather than serving it to the others who don’t even acknowledge it. No doubt I have found many people who do and they have been so nice to still stay in contact with me. But it never gave me the satisfaction I keep getting thirstier.
So, I would like to ask eventually would you do a job if it is not your passion? Only for the value of the job’s money? and not for the value of the work you are doing? And with the fact that your work is not being valued?
I am an artist, and an artist’s life is the hardest, which I have experienced. I am a freelance content writer for now and my pay is something that I am not proud of. But the job really is something I am proud of. With accomplishing my daily targets of articles, getting a good response, it really makes my day! Obviously, I am still thirsty! hehe…
The next thing I am very proud of is my blog without a doubt. It was and is my true calling and will be always. Sharing my thoughts is therapeutic for me, which I will never give up on. But there is specifically more to quench my thirst.
But to conclude guys, I know what I want to do now in my life. That is where my desire lies and that is where I want to be. Even if it means struggling to get stability, I am keen on accepting that challenge. At least it is better than accepting challenges that my bosses would give me which I will be least interested in and would not accomplish any great for them or for me.
I know I have been vague about my ideas, profession and talents but can we keep it this way for now? Because soon everybody will know what I am really passionate about! <3 Thanks for your support in advance.
So, what do you think? Are you happy with your jobs? Or still feel something is missing?
I found my true calling and want to dedicate myself to it.

Thanks for reading.

This is not a sponsored post.

29 thoughts on “The Value of Money? Or The Value of The Work?

  1. I have been struggling with this same issue for several years now. I have finally let go of the pursuit of money, and am now embracing the pursuit of happiness. I took a well paying part time job that has incredibly flexible hours and I can usually work from home. And now I have time to pursue my passions. Even though I took a pretty big pay cut, I am so happy everyday! I love what I’m doing now. I am so much more relaxed and pleasant to be around. Good for you!!!

  2. That is a good question! I’m not so good in valuating my own work and very easily i just agree to do something almost free. People around me are often telling me that i need to charge more to get more respect. But my job is my passion and I want to do it – even if it won’t pay me. I also easily think that I’m not good enough to ask a ful price of my work.

    1. Hope u find it soon! We learn a bit more about ourselves as each day passes. One day surely ul know!😊 it’s not just others but we only discover ourselves day by day little by little!

  3. Awww…I can relate…we go through the phase where we manage a job , feel uncomfortable and then move on..well..not every one moves on but it’s nice you are now involved in what you wishes…

  4. Nice post! It’s good that you have figured what you really love. I am fine with my job but I’d love to do couple very different things instead. Will see, where I am after some years. 🙂

  5. Wonderful post! I admire you for knowing what you want to do with your life. I’ve been struggling with the issue myself for quite a few years now.. Maybe one day I’ll know 🙂 Good luck with everything!

  6. Great for you to have figured out what you truly want. For me, personally, life is about never getting too satisfied but staying happy. Satisfaction is something I fear because I think if I become too satisfied, I will have nothing to look forward to, nothing to drive me. I don’t know I am making sense at all? I have had a couple of jobs and never for short durations. But over the years the one thing I have realized is that communicating with people is what gives me happiness. 🙂

  7. Aww man! Kanishka pretty neat work I must say! I’m impressed with how you’ve used simple words to explain such complicated stuffs! Although it shouldn’t be complicated. But with people getting into rat race and conventional career paths, the value of interests and passion for work is getting deteriorated! So glad I read this post! Keep it up yeah!😇 (oh and I am going to share this post right away!)

  8. I found a lot of similarities with myself here 🙂 – I too have a lot of talents and cannot work only for money, I had different jobs in so many different sectors… My journey taught me that first we have to find out who we are in order to know what we have to do.
    I searched always for work which will give me satisfaction and now, after more than 20 years i came to conclusion that it was a wrong starting point because nothing can give you satisfaction if you don’t have it already, it’s just the other way around – first you have to feel satisfaction in order to find something which will mirror it. It’s like with love – nobody can give it to you if you don’t feel it in yourself. And above that I discovered that it’s not about satisfaction but about loving what we do. if we love what we do – satisfaction follows.
    And as to the earnings – we link the possible earnings with what we do, like probability of earning more doing that job and so on… but in fact one has nothing to do with the other because what we earn or what we receive from life depends only on our own beliefs about what we deserve… how much our work is worth… how much we are worth.
    You can do the highest payed jobs in your life but if your beliefs about yourself are negative you will stay with nothing.
    So my philosophy is – follow your heart, do what you love and change your belief system about yourself

    1. True, I know for a fact that nothing really satisfies someone fully… but at least one should follow what their heart feels happy about doing. When you don’t have achievable goals set don’t have anything to conquer, life becomes boring and it is worthwhile to actually discover yourself through your passion and where your heart wants you to be. Thanks for your comment😊

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