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I Took A Personality Test!

Hello, everyone! How’s it going? Is it April already? Like what?!!!… o_O
Anyways, so for this blog post, I decided to share my personality test. I took this personality test randomly but I was sure I will do a blog post about it here, so I kept taking screenshots on every question.
So the first personality test that comes up when you Google for personality tests is 16 Personalities.
For me, this test looked very simple, easy and you can later explore more about your personality. If you are interested in taking this test do check the link. I always wanted to do a personality test! This way you will know more about me as well. So let’s go…
This is the way the homepage of the website looks like. I will take you through the experience as I came across it. So here is when I started wondering, “Didn’t Marzia take a personality test?” and voila, she had gone for the exact same personality test! It made me more than happy to then complete this test and look forward to it.
As you can tell the website appeared a bit different then, as she did this video in 2015. So the website is obviously updated now and the questions slightly modified but the same.
Again I have watched this video way back and did not rewatch it while taking the test, in case you are wondering if I tried to answer just like her or anything. I get it I am a fan, I find loads of traits common with her and that’s really why I love her. But each personality is slightly different than the other. Even if you belong to the same category, you tend to have many differences at the same time.
Okay without further palaver…
So I would kindly ask you to read the statement on the image and I will explain my answer to them further here.
First statement: I would not completely agree, but I have to agree much on this one. It is quite difficult for me to introduce myself to people or talk to people for the first time. Maybe I don’t trust them right away and don’t want to give away all of my details at the first meet itself.
Second statement: Very much agree! XD Sometimes I feel I just do not need anybody but just me and my thoughts.
Third statement: Yes, I hate my inbox-clogging up with emails. Although these days my update, social and promotions section are filled with emails and I have learned to ignore them. But obviously, the main inbox is still read and responded ones.
Fourth statement: Yeah! totally! Under pressure or tension, I mostly like to contemplate staying calm and focus on finding solutions.
Second last statement: Completely agree. When I have my friends with me and there is a new person to the group, generally my friends are the ones to make good acquaintance with the stranger. I keep observing and try to understand the person and of course talk the least. However, there have been times I initiated a conversation but again maybe I must have been in my best moods or on caffeine 😛
Last statement: I would not completely agree but yes I rarely do something just because I am curious. But there are few times my curiosity makes me do certain things.
Next page, (this is going to be very long haha XD )
First statement: I have to disagree on this. Why would I feel superior to the others? Like it doesn’t make sense to me. However, I would not completely disagree I do feel superior to those with less experience or knowledge than me. Like regardless of them being in my field of knowledge or not. But mostly I feel all are superior in their respective fields of knowledge and in general life.
Second statement: Probably you are wondering if I really did answer to that or not. There is a tiny gray circle right in the middle of two extremes, which indicates neutral. Sometimes, it is about being organized and sometimes about being adaptable. I really could not agree or disagree to either.
Third statement: I would slightly agree. Surely there are times I have been feeling demotivated and what not. But usually, I gather myself and begin my day. I am more towards disagreeing because energetic? like for real, um no. I am not that highly energetic of a person. You can say moderate!
Fourth statement: Again why would anyone like to upset someone for no reason? Debates have been out of my league of understanding. I almost feel like everyone should accept diversities. But clearly, I have agreed only by one point. At times debates do matter as well. I might sound with contrasting ideas but it is true. I would not go have a debate with someone with a difference of opinion. But there are people who have opinions that cannot be socially or generally accepted. Even by people from the unconventional era or with contemporary ideas. I hope I am making sense XD
Fifth statement: Yeah, I would almost agree with this one. I never do something with the idea that I know I would not have to justify anyone or I anyway do not care for anyone’s opinion. I do care what people think of me. I am not saying I would not do something I really have my heart set at just because I am afraid I will be judged. I do things that are totally justifiable.
Sixth statement: Yes they are tidy enough! 😛 Like I am not someone who is keen on cleaning and keeping things tidy each and every second. But I obviously love tidying things up once in a week. I definitely hate things completely messy!
Next page, (hope this is interesting 🙄 )
First statement: Eh no! I would totally mind being the center of attention. I hate all the eyes on me. Makes my stomach churn.
Second statement: Disagree, I am creative. I am a bit of a practical person but that’s a tad. I enjoy creativity.
Third statement: People are the only thing that upsets me the most. Sometimes I completely want to cut ties with people, or some people!
Fourth statement: Usually yes! I cannot do without planning my travel out. I have to have a clear idea as to how things are going to work out, availability of time etc.
Fifth statement: I would disagree. I relate to people’s feelings often and I am someone to understand most of what people are going through.
Sixth statement: Yes! That’s what I am talking about 😛 totally me XD
Next page, (hope you are still there ^^’ )
First statement: Hit me with a truth! and not something to soothe my sensitivity. We are all living a fast paced life and everyone should be aware of the truth and not let their sensitivity keep them away from facts.
Second statement: This is similar to justifying for me. I do care about how my actions affect people.
Third statement: Again I got no energy 😛 XD Everything I do is organized and well thought off.
Fourth statement: Maybe little. (facepalms) It is natural right to feel envious?
Fifth statement: Very much agree! If I have an option of a book/ video game or to visit a social event, I would choose the book/ video game. I hate events with too many people. 😕 And a social event will have a bulk of them right. No!
Sixth statement: I selected the gray spot. Sometimes, after a plan is generated sticking to it is wise and everything turns out well. But when you identify a tiny glitch, it is better to tweak the plan. Also, it is not the only important part. Everything including execution is important in a project.
Next page, (Are you still reading?)
First statement: I love to drift away in the ideas of fantasies and alike.
Second statement: Totally, I love it! <3
Third statement: Agree, emails or texts. If they delay in response I panic if something I said has made them to not respond.
Fourth statement: Yes! I would love my kid to be smart. But my kid should be able to be kind enough to help others grow smart.
Fifth statement: Yup, I do what I want to do. Nobody can influence my actions towards doing things. However, I have some influential people whom I feel influenced by and do things (like starting my blog) which are a positive influence I believe.
Sixth statement: Nah, be it actual dreams or daydreaming. I enjoy being in a fantasy world.
Next page, (If you managed to read this far, you’ll be able to continue further too 😛 )
First statement: Totally not! Social activities is a completely vast picture for me. It takes me quite a lot of time to mingle, get to know people, to know I can trust people etc. let alone social activities.
Second statement: Yeah, many times I just do things instinctively. I improvise with whatever outcomes I receive.
Third statement: True! Nothing more to say. 🙂
Fourth statement: Again social events, no!
Fifth statement: Very much yes! Ideas of ghosts, aliens (although I dread them), vampires, fairy tales and all kinds of mysteries intrigues me. No matter how unrealistic and impractical it may be to others.
Sixth statement: I know this is a bit contrasting idea to the second statement of the same page. For any task, there is always a detailed plan with the outcome you can further improvise but yeah I believe no matter how much careful you be things can always go wrong! So be a natural improviser.
Next page, (I swear this can be fun if you do it all along with me XD )
First statement: Yes, I am! Although for my friends and very close ones I am not so reserved and quiet. 😛 But yeah most of the time even with them I am quiet. And they understand. <3
Second statement: True, it will be difficult for me. Although I cannot completely agree as you have to do what you gotta do. If you have underperforming employees you have to tell them off. But yes it will be extremely burdensome for me.
Third statement: Hehe yes I do!
Fourth statement: Naahh! I do what mostly my heart says and is happy at. I cannot go against my own will and what my heart feels illogical.
Fifth statement: I agree. I never stick to my to-do list 😛
Sixth statement: I won’t completely agree. But yes I am the person who gives emotional support. If it is under my capabilities to understand how to deal with a problem then maybe yes I would suggest ways to deal with it.
Next page, (Please bear with me)
First statement: I do feel insecure. But it cannot get the best of me.
Second statement: Again it is similar to to-do lists right. I always fail to stick to timetables.
Third statement: No, it is important to maintain cooperation amongst team members, no matter how right you feel you are. You can surely state your point and make people understand it but you cannot go against your team.
Fourth statement: Agree, I guess I did mention earlier. People should be allowed to hold views as they believe and should be respected for that.
Fifth statement: By now you might have got to know why I disagreed on this one.
Sixth statement: Nope, none.
Next page, (two more to go)
First statement: Nope, I am emotionally unstable. I don’t know why but I am.
Second statement: Yep, maybe not always but often yes!
Third statement: I am a DREAMER!
Fourth statement: That was a complete agree for me XD Difficult naah terrifying yes. I find it terrifying to talk in front of people. I always think, “You have come a far way from where you started you can do this, this is nothing”, and then out of nowhere panic strikes.
Fifth statement: Yes, I do. I rely on what I have learned through experience and not on something I can imagine happening.
Sixth statement: Nope. Not so much.
Next page, (Finally the last page 😛 )
First statement: Yes, I like to choose a corner always. I feel vulnerable being in the center of a room.
Second statement: You see the gray spot right?! 😛 I agree and disagree at the same time. I can be someone who does everything on time leaving no work for later. And then there are times I find myself procrastinating no matter how excited I am about a work.
Third statement: Yes very much. I have high levels of anxiety.
Fourth statement: Yes, I would rather be liked by everyone than being powerful.
Fifth statement: Yes, agree, agree, agree, I should get a larger spot of green agree for this one, lol 😛 <3
Sixth and the final statement: Yes, when there is a situation going on related to societal issues, I do take some initiatives to make people aware.
Here it is! I am an INFJ-T. My type is Advocate.
So clearly I am 85% introverted. I thought I was more of an observant but tests say I am 73% intuitive. I think less and feel more 😛 I judge more than I prospect. And clearly, I am unstable in my confidence level.
Phewww, this was fun! So Marzia gets Mediator in her personality test which according to this test comes under the category Diplomats! And Advocates and Mediators are under the same category which makes me feel so happy. I knew we could not me much different!
After the test, and after I rewatched Marzia’s video, I realized there can be many perspectives to the statement mentioned. You can interpret the statements in many ways, or maybe I interpreted wrong?! I really dunno… But I enjoyed! XD
Hope you enjoyed reading it and thank you so much if you did! And hope you take the test as well. Share with me what you got! 😀
Find Marzia here: Blog- Marzia’s Life YouTube Channel- Marzia
This is not a sponsored post!

31 thoughts on “I Took A Personality Test!

  1. I took this test several times in the last years, and all the time showed I’m an extrovert. However, the Freiburg personality inventory showed I’m more an introvert (close to ambivert).

  2. I took the test back in 2012 and got INTJ and I recently took it again and I got INFP. So I guess the results change and people do change haha But I guess we’re pretty similar 😀

  3. It’s really interesting reading how another person interprets the questions – and how you justified your answers. We are all so uniquely different aren’t we. What came across was that you are very sweet natured. Being an advocate for others is a wonderful attribute and I hope you find more confidence along the way to help.

  4. I have done this before and got intj but I cant remember the name of the character. I found this very interesting to see how other people answer the questions 🙂

  5. DUDE! I am also INFJ-T… I was reading through your blog and loving it. So crazy I was thinking about how much I related to you in this strange way… like without even knowing you. Makes sense lol…

  6. hi! I noticed all your post are so good… I’d like to ask a favor to help me to improve my skills in blogging. You can visit my blog , I accept any suggestions and comments. I started blogging a few days ago, I appreciate any help. thanks!

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