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Picnic at Manori Island!

Fishermen Boats

I am so excited to talk about my getaway to Manori Island! If you have read my previous blog post, I am feeling low these days. So my friends and I decided to give ourselves a little retreat and visit Manori Island. You can find all the information on the Island from the link but I will anyways incorporate my piece of information on the place as well as my experience!
Also, most of the pictures are captured by my best mate Ashwini Shetty. So the photo credit goes to her. <3

Marve Beach

This wasn’t my first visit to the Island but every visit happens to amaze me. I feel fortunate that we have such an Island close to our town for us to enjoy a little escape! XD
For us to reach the Island quick, we come to Marve Beach, take the sea route and ride the ferry boat which helps us reach the Island in less than 15 minutes.

Me waiting for the ferry

Although we have to wait for the ferry sometimes if we miss one but that is for not more than 10-15minutes.

Sight of Global Vipassana Pagoda from Marve Beach

After reaching the island you can find auto rickshaws to reach you to the beach. But as we had visited the Island in the morning and the sun was not clearly on top of our heads so we opted on walking to the beach, which took us around half an hour or so.

Spare/abandoned boats

The place is so calm and strolling through the lanes is very engaging so one cannot grumble about walking.

Those are my friends walking ahead.

The population basically consists of East Indians and the complete feel of the place is similar to Goa. It is like we have a mini-Goa of our own!

It is a quite popular place but we noticed that most of the people start visiting the place from around noon or so. We made sure we reach in the morning around 9 so that we get a vacant place for us to settle for our little picnic.

While walking down to the beach, a stray street puppy had a little cuddle with my bestie! Super Cute! 😀

My OOTD was a black crop top long sleeves. Although it is longer than usual crop tops, I like this length with my long skirt. I was wearing my usual cat eye using Lakme` Insta-Liner and my Lakme` 9 to 5 Matte Rosy Sunday lipstick for makeup.

So while we stroll more across the Manori village lanes, we ran into some horse sheds, a creepy tree, village women washing clothes in a common well or pond (I dunno :P) and a chandelier type of decorative thingy made out of shells, hanging from the roof.
Close to reaching the beach we found this creepy looking abandoned villa/house.

If you are wondering what the different colored liquid is in those bottles, those are actually flavored syrups which the pedlar pours on some crushed ice, shaped similar to ice popsicles on sticks and even gives us a glass filled with it, to rest our crushed ice popsicles so that we can occasionally take sips of the syrup and enjoy slurping the crushed ice popsicle without dropping it. You can find pedlars selling this mostly at beaches. It feels refreshing to have this, especially under the hot sun. I mean well everyone knows how amazing it feels to have ice popsicles in summer! XD

It feels like an exclusive beach! The boundless sky and the sea help in relaxing. The sound of the ocean waters gushing back and forth is the best therapeutic music.
But how could we miss our own music! Yes, we took a speaker with us and played our favorite songs. 😛
I had made some sandwich and we took some potato chips along with us which we devoured.

Ashwini’s Innovation!

Ashwini innovated our very own snack! Potato chips topped with some cheese and sandwich chutney. Delicious!
We played Uno! I won twice 😛 But actually no one really lost, we won once or twice each. XD
The texture of sand on our toes and skin helps in anti-stressing. I don’t know for a fact but it does for us 😛
By late morning the sun was shining brightest and we took the opportunity to plunge our legs into the sea. We didn’t want to fully sink ourselves in the water as we didn’t want anything above our knees to get wet as we were even carrying all the gadgets and our bags. But it was so much fun to be with the ocean! I literally miss it as I type!

While coming back we found this creepy abandoned house. Well, that calls for some posing for the camera! >:D

We were completely exhausted. The sun was at its peak and nearly sucked the energy out of us. So we chose to ride back via auto rickshaw to the ferry and from there we took a bus to our place.

After coming back to town, close to our home we have a pizza outlet, so we demolished pizzas for lunch >:D 😛 We always gobble pizza from Joey’s Pizza who are a local pizza outlet and they have irresistibly great pizzas. Their pizzas are not just heavenly delicious but good in quantity as well. We get sufficient toppings and good chunks of chicken! YUM YUM.. 😉

So yeah, the picnic day was incredibly delightful and we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest! The visit to the Manori Island does not cost us much as we just have to pay for the travel cost to reach the island and then the beach, which is minimal and for food, we carried our own snacks. But there are much more things to explore like the East Indian Museum, the villas, the food, and resorts etc. I cannot wait to visit the island again XD

I hope you enjoyed!

This is not a sponsored post!

27 thoughts on “Picnic at Manori Island!

  1. What a lovely post! It sounds like such an amazing way to spend the day with your friends and I felt like I was right there with you. 🙂 I love packing my own lunch and deck of cards when I head to the beach. Makes for a really budget-friendly outing that also feels indulgent and relaxing.

    1. I am so glad you liked it 😀 Yes it was a very indulgent trip. The fact that it was budget-friendly makes you want to plan again for the same without any hestitation with regards to spending money for a trip!

  2. This is so cool, I’ve never heard of this island! I live in Texas and don’t know much about anywhere overseas. I love the animals – anytime we go on a trip, my favorite part is seeing animals!

  3. The sand, the waves, friends and Uno…Perfect!
    Looking forward to your next trip.
    Do drop by mine.

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