L’action Paris Face Mask: Review


Hello, everyone! This might be a short post but I thought this product is worth mentioning on my blog! So I bumped into these cutely designed packages in a beauty products store and tried to understand what is in it and how it works. Discovered that for about 150 INR worth of one package, another one is absolutely free along with it. I felt it was a really good bargain for you to try a new product! (Although I am not sure if this offer prevails in any other store or not.) I really wanted the anti-stress mask and so I bought it for myself and the anti-aging scrub is actually for my mother. I must say they really have an attractive package which made me curious about the product and I wished to try it out.

L’action Paris anti-aging scrub which my mom experimented with turned out really good! The smell of the scrub was very sweet and fruity as it contains cranberry. Her face skin felt really smooth after the use of the product.

As for the L’action Paris anti-stress mask, it is a must try! As I applied this, I can explain more exclusively about the product! The mask is in a creamy texture and although the product is meant for one-time use, some of it still remains even after using it two times! So, it is worth the money you spent. When applied it tingles on your skin and has this mild lemony fragrance. I feel so refreshed after the mask’s use! The package is very handy and you can carry it around in your bag while traveling. If you check the link above there are plenty of other ranges of face masks, hair masks, traveling masks and face scrubs!

Apply and leave it for about 10-15mins and then wash it off with fresh water. This experiment went well and because of the promised result, I am looking forward to trying their Clear Skin face mask as well! And without doubt more of the other products they offer.

This post was not sponsored!


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