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Songs on Repeat«!

Hello, everyone! 🙂 Before beginning with this post, I would like to mention that we bloggers need each other’s support and little favors to actually grow and it is the blogger’s community that will understand best the need to give each other shout-outs. So, I would like to mention my fellow blogger’s website’s name here in my post, that is Blogging K. I came across her posts and really found it interesting. I basically found out she’s a Bro and Marzipan as well, so yeah had to mention about her <3 She has pretty amazing posts like Valentines Day without A Partner, Falling in Love Playlist and few tags like Would You Rather and Never Have I Ever. So yeah if you are reading this and any of the titles I mentioned intrigues you, then surely click on the link above and check her blog out. I would really appreciate it! Thankyou.
And now to begin with my post, this would probably be a short post as I am going to list down like a few latest songs that are on repeat mode on my phone.

  1. I Got You- Bebe Rexha
  2. All Time Low- Jon Bellion
  3. Everyday- Ariana Grande
  4. Issues- Julia Michaels
  5. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever- Zayn Malik & Taylor Swift
  6. Shape Of You- Ed Sheeran

Six of these latest songs are my recent favorites and on Repeat mode on my phone! Do let me know if you like these songs too or let me know the latest songs that are on Repeat mode on your phone.
A very short post but I felt like I had to share it as music plays a very important role in my life. It is like my escape from reality, it is therapeutic after a stressful or after a day of slogging and sometimes even helps with a little motivation!
Have a nice day! 🙂

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