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My Favorite Anime Series

Hello, everyone! How has February been treating all?! I would say I have my share of peaks and valleys in this month. Although every day I wake up stimulated and enthusiastic about my blog and it keeps me going.
So for the new post, I decided to share all my favorite Anime series. Please do not judge me with the kind of shows I watch! 😛 I usually prefer a subtle and soft anime show with a pack of humor. The following anime shows are something I watch to escape reality, enjoy and am a huge fan of. Make sure you check these out too if you are into anime! And if you are not these should be very interesting ones to start off with.

I think this series is one of the first anime I have ever watched. My anime interest must have generated watching this show in my childhood. Although most of the jokes I understood after I rewatched the series in my teenage days! 😛 The main character Ranma Saotome is cursed due to an accident during his training with his dad who is a martial artist himself. His dad is cursed as well. No, the storyline is not at all a serious setting. So chill! 😛 In contact with cold water both his dad and Ranma go through a change of physical form and they turn into another form either animal or in Ranma’s case a girl! XD The show is hilarious and a must watch. It has a fun opening song too.

Aaahhh.. Ryo Saeba! <3 I have a huge crush on him! 😉 This ‘Sweeper’ happens to fight crime and keep the Tokyo city safe being a private detective. Wait! Does the case involve a damsel in distress!? If yes then Ryo is more than excited to become your private detective! 😉 I eagerly wait for the final combat scenes of Ryo with his rivals. He happens to survive all of his combats, it could be unrealistic and unbelievable for some. But oh well, so what! he is a fictional character even though I so wish he was for real <3 The show dates back to around 1980’s and so has the theme that prevailed in those days! Which makes the whole series more entertaining to me. The songs Get Wild and Angel Night, theme songs for this show, are the songs I am very fond of.

I have not watched the OVA of this series and there are only 10 episodes. The protagonist Inari, happens to save a fox which belongs to a shrine God. She in return grants Inari some of her power which allows her to take the form of another human. It shows this bond that the shrine God and the protagonist have which stirs debate amongst the other Gods as to how long a human and God can be in contact and maintain the bond. It is a very brief and to the point kind of a show. Not elongated and very soft.

Another short series, revolving around the protagonist Tamako. Her encounter with a peculiar talking bird Dera changes her life and presents us with their daily life at this shopping market of the town they have their home at. Another delicate story, nothing like the action series one comes across in anime.

This is a very famous anime series. Hajime Kindaichi is the grandson of a famous private detective and thus possesses the skills of a detective and solves various crime mysteries even though he is just a high school student. Mystery genre has always been one that I like for any books and shows for me. Though I am picky with what mystery shows I wish to watch, this series keeps you anchored each episode.

My very recent favorite show is My Love Story!! Looking for rom-com in anime this is the show. XD Even though I am linking these shows for further details, I am introducing them here so that one gets the boost to actually check them out. Takeo being a huge, muscular and strong high school boy happens to actually scare all the girls away and all the girls actually fall for his handsome and charming best friend Sunakawa. The series is about how this girl Yamato falls for Takeo and make a peculiar of a couple.
And lastly,

My favorite anime of all time! It has to be the Kawaiiest (is that even a word?!! XD 😛 FYI Kawai means cute) of them all! It is a musical anime, all about how these four high school girls come up with a band and their shenanigans while practicing for their performances. The series doesn’t have any supernatural theme or random or quick incidents happening that you will have to keep up with. It’s just a soft and smooth running show including cool upbeat songs. I am even crazy about the background music that runs in the show. They even came out with a movie which was again amazing and with same subtleness. Songs like Fuwa Fuwa Time or Don’t say lazy and basically all the songs in it are my favorites!
This is it! all my most liked anime series which I would want anime lovers to watch! There are many other animes and some of which I watch. However, these series that I have listed are the evergreen ones! My passion for Japanese culture and the language have developed due to these anime series and I bet all anime fans feel the same.
I hope you enjoy them as well!

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  1. I’m not a big fan, but this is fun to see! I can really adore the fact that you have found something you love that much!

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