Trust your instincts!

Pisces can doubt themselves sometimes when they really should not!

The above quote from Pisces Nation is something I wish to discuss on for this Pisces Facts post. Is this relevant to other Pisces? Lemme know…

As for me, yes it is very much relevant. Am I this prominent of a Pisces? XD I have found many times doubting my instincts on certain situations which end up making me feel I should have trusted it in the first place. Even if I strongly feel something is going right I doubt it thinking, is everything to go so smoothly possible? Seriously we should just listen to our instincts!

I sometimes doubt my skills or the way I act or feel less confident about it and start wondering are people going to understand me, or will my actions communicate the message that I wish to deliver. There are times that this dilemma has completely stopped me from actually displaying my ideas or thoughts, which is obviously sad because they could be helpful, they could be innovative or they could make an impression that I so wished to display in front of others.

It may be all related to the confidence level or yes the low trust in one’s instincts.


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2 thoughts on “Trust your instincts!

  1. I am a Pisces too! and yes, I do feel pessimistic often….to the extent that I stopped doing it while it could be successful… I want to trust my instincts more often, but there were times when my insticts led to undesired consequences….

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    1. Im glad you feel relatable to this! Yes.. it happens to me too..aftermath of trusting my instincts being unwanted! Guess that is the reason why we judge so much than blindly trusting!

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