This book loves you: Biased Review!

Warning: Do not expect an expert critical review in this post! And the Duck is coming!


So before starting with my experience with the book, firstly I would like to confess that as much as I am a true Marzipan I even am a true Bro. Since not so long I discovered PewDiePie on YouTube and my world had changed indeed! Felix Kjellberg’s personality is very captivating and the comments and his videos hold a very special space in my heart.


Since the time I have been a Bro (his fan), I have made sure to watch all his videos and I support him in each content he has to offer. Initially starting with video game playthroughs, his peculiar way of commentaries brought him a lot of subscribers on his YouTube channel. As for me, I remember the first video ever that I had come across was one of his Three Free Games videos. I was completely mesmerized and enjoyed it to the core. Since then I follow him and make sure I am always updated on him. October of 2015, his book,  This Book Loves You got published!


The This Book Loves You is completely unusual and being a Bro I totally agree with PewDiePie on how the inspirational quotes on the internet tend to actually hide or surface the reality. Always endorsing “happiness”, “positivity” or pushing to remain “strong” even in life’s difficult phases. No doubt motivation and encouragement in life is important but seriously, nobody ever until this day has been able to decode the secret to a “happy life”.


Hahaha, so don’t try to find that secret in this book too. However, even though the book doesn’t give away the secrets to a happy life like those quotes you come across while scrolling your Instagram or  Facebook account, this book will truly uplift your mood, soul, and spirits. I actually recommend that everyone should have this book so that whenever one feels low or discouraged, they can just open a page from this book and will definitely end up smiling!

Yeah, without even someone having to push you to smile in a difficult situation! (sarcasm) I cannot actually mention just one favorite line or such from the book as the entire book in itself is my pure favorite. And yeah to actually understand some of the lines in the book or the pages or the artworks, you will have to firstly ‘know’ PewDiePie well. But I am sure if you stopped across to read this post you definitely know him.


To sum up, yes, This Book Loves You is very much fun to read with all the sugoi (amazing) pictures and artworks created. Every turn of the page has some or the other different and fun lines to offer and it will be worth your experience. Get the book here

Brofist and,…


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19 thoughts on “This book loves you: Biased Review!

  1. I wholeheartedly agree! This book is simple, yet charming. In a way, by inexplicable means, the book just manages to entertain (might because I have been part of the bro army for years, though) 😛

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    1. Glad you feel the same too! Brofist

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  2. Simple and fun book, greatly narrated!

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  3. I’m always kind of suspicious of YouTuber books, however this one looks great!

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  4. I’ve heard of him but haven’t watched his videos on youtube. This book looks like a fun read!

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  5. This sounds like a fun book! So many youtubers have made their own book nowadays, I had no clue pewds was one of them 🙂

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  6. Ha! This is definitely a first for me hearing of this book. It seems like it’d be thoroughly entertaining and different! Thanks for sharing!

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  7. This book looks amazing! 😀

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  8. I’ve never heard of this guy but will check him out! Looks like a fun book and positive vibes. Ree love30

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  9. This is so entertaining. Thanks to you I know PewDiePie published a book!

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  10. I don’t follow him, but the book looks like a fun grab for his fans!

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  11. I love books like this! Great review!

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  12. blogthirtyminusone January 22, 2018 — 12:59 am

    This book seems like one that would bring humor to just about anyone.

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    1. Yes it does! Thanks for your comments!


  13. Simple book, but effective. It’s hilarious, thanks for sharing!

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