My Inspirations!

I had to post about this! It would be incomplete to not share my inspiration of starting a blog of my own. dscn0026

Marzia Bisognin is a YouTuber whose channel contains videos on all sorts of topics basically on lifestyle and fashion. I am a Marzipan since not so long. But a huge fan! I found her on YouTube via her boyfriend Felix Kjellberg’s (Pewdiepie) videos and since then I am in love with her.


My interest in her began since I got to know more about her through her videos. She is shy like me and has a quirky taste on things. Her videos have been very friendly and inspirational during the times I had low self-confidence and when I was stuck in life unemployed! I eagerly wait for the new videos she uploads or for the posts on her blogs. I love her style and how the things she chooses are always simple and cute. I admire her talent on designing her own clothing. And I follow her cat-eye makeup style most of the time.♥


In January 2015, her book Dream House was published, I recently got hold of it and wish to review it soon on my blog! Like movie buffs who have favorite actors or actress whom they wish to meet, in the same way, I am a YouTube buff who wishes to meet her being a true Marzipan! I hate that some of her videos are judged by many people and then she has to take it down from her channel. Sometimes, some people need to chill, accept the diversity and the dynamic personalities we have around us and appreciate each effort one makes for entertaining the others. Anyways, I wish to remain her fan forever and support her always!


Next inspiration for me is Rhiannon Ashlee. She has two channels on YouTube, one consisting of videos about fashion, beauty, and everything related to motherhood. And another with her vlogs. I found her via one of Marzia’s videos and since then have been following her a lot! I basically love the simplicity of her videos and usually, I wait for the vlogs than videos on her other channel.


The snap I took is from her recent vlog. I love her choices of products and clothing items and yes, her mascara! haha.. Most of the viewers have commented on this as she has beautiful eyelashes.♥


Isn’t this little one the cutest? Yes, she is a proud mother to her baby girl Delilah. Oh, how I wish I could meet little Delilah♥! The genuine and simple content on both YouTubers’ channel has kept me glued to their videos.

So, finishing off I would like to mention that these ladies have been inspiring a lot of young girls, which includes me and I would love everyone to check their channel out and subscribe to it if you feel the same about them as I do after watching their videos!

Also, not a sponsored post! This is my genuine feelings that I have documented on this post.

Find Marzia here: Blog- Marzia’s Life YouTube Channel- Marzia

Find Rhiannon Ashlee here: Main YouTube Channel- Rhiannon Ashlee

Second Channel- Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

15 thoughts on “My Inspirations!

  1. It’s so nice that you share your inspiration with us ❤ This first girl is amazing, and I'm sure that if you a fan of her, then you are amazing too!

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    1. Thank you so much.. ❤ Yes they inspire me to bring out the best in me! 😀

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  2. Nice post! Maybe I should share my favorites in the blog too? It’s always interesting to know who reads what and what’s everyone’s favorite. 🙂

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  3. Loved reading this! Inspirational post 🙂 Marzia is so cool btw !

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  4. headupgorgeous1 March 29, 2017 — 12:53 am

    Such a great post ! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  5. I love Marzia! Thank you for shouting out your fellow creators, that’s always so worthwhile!

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  6. Such an inspiration. The baby looks so cute!

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  7. Never heard of those Youtubers but I gotta check them out! 🙂

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    1. you should 😀 They are lovely!


  8. Marzia is really great! And that baby is cute too!!!

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