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Finally Started My Blog!

Hello, readers! I finally managed to start up my blog which has been lingering in my head for a long time.
You can know more about me here. I quote this as a place where you will find something to read, on most of the interesting topics around us!
From fashion and beauty to life and thoughts, from books and music to movies and shows, I am going to document all my thoughts, experiences and knowledge here at my blog!
I am an end of February born, which makes me a Piscean! If you are a Piscean there are a lot of fun facts coming your way. I hope you can relate to them as I do!
Thus, Simply Everything! I wanted to make sure that I have at least one blog post ready in all of the above categories and so I kept my blog private for a while. Now that I am done, let’s get started!
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In case you are wondering, why these random pictures? Well, I have an abstract mind, staring into space and dreaming is my hobby. These pictures speak more than words, you can keep looking at them and feel relaxed. Don’t you feel? Let me know!

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