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Becoming summer ready | Summer Essentials | How I prepare for Summer

Summer is here and in my city we are already going through 36° C. If you have already prepared for the summer here are some of my essentials and you may want to see if you missed anything. If you haven’t then here is a list of things you need to do to get ready for summer! Also, these are things that I do being in a tropical city and you might not want to go that extreme or do a few things, it’s totally up to you!
Stock up on lemons
There are so many benefits of lemon I bet all know! Especially when it is summer you need to drink lemonade for the lost electrolytes due to sweating. So it is only beneficial to stock and re-stock lemons timely to never suffer from dehydration in this season!
This Lemonade is crucial in our life too regardless of the weather 😛 P.S. who else is still awestruck by beychella 2018 <3 ?
Get sunnies
If you have been looking around for a reason to get new sunnies then now is your chance! Get yourself some great sunglasses to protect your eyes. I already have one from the optical store which I don’t particularly love but it does a great job protecting my eyes.

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Stay Hydrated
This bottle is my favorite and makes me really want to fill it up and drink water from it often. Get yourself a bottle that you would love to carry around and drink from constantly. I got this bottle from a local supermarket and so I will link to similar kind of bottles that I found online.
Glass Bottles: Swig SavvyFavola
Adding lemon, cucumber, mint etc can help give water taste and lets you down water more!
Chapped lips

Virgin Coconut Oil

It is not just a problem in winters but even during summer, you feel like constantly moisturizing your lips as your lips become dry and crack. I swear by coconut oil for a lot of things and I use the same in summer to treat chapped lips. I just dab a little Virgin coconut oil on my lips, no fuss it keeps my lips nourished for a long time!
Waterproof makeup or no makeup
Who hates wearing makeup on a sweaty face!? Well, I do! So it is essential that we invest in makeup that is waterproof or simply let our skin breathe. Spare yourself the embarrassment of smudged eye makeup!
Avoid wearing dark colors
Linen cotton is the best material to wear during summer time with light colors. I just gave you a reason to go shopping!
Have a handy scarf
Keep a scarf handy to protect you from the sun when out whenever you need!

Lotus Herbals MatteGel UV Sunscreen

I stick by this sunscreen and love it! Make sure you wear sunscreen before heading to a beach or anywhere exposed to direct sunlight. Check for the expiry date and get a new one if needed.
Learn different braiding hairstyles
I cannot braid my hair at all! I tie it into a bun or ponytail. But I am trying to learn and find new ways to style my hair and keep it tied up this summer.

Pinterest Hairstyles to Try!

It is as much important in summer as it is in winter. It is essential you do not forget to hydrate your skin.
Wax or Razor
Seriously, who needs the fur in the scorching heat?! Yes for the summer shorts or dresses!
Minimal or no accessories
Go for dainty or delicate pieces! don’t try to overdo it during summer.
Stock up on handkerchief or tissues

I seriously forget to carry handkerchiefs so I keep one in each of my bags as well as tuck in some tissues. You just can’t have enough of them during summer!
Add mint to diet
Honestly, along with mint, chia seeds in water, yogurt, buttermilk etc added to your diet during summer is very helpful for your health.
Drink more, Eat oily or junk less
It is very easy to ignore your health in the busy schedule. However, with a change in the weather, you should keep a tab on what goes in your mouth and tummy to stay healthy this season. Start drinking juices more and eating fresh fruits and veggies. Avoid oily or junk as much as possible.
I might have repeated some cliche summer routines or given you some more ideas to add to your daily routine that can help you survive the summer! But these are some changes I become mindful of during the summer weather.

Thanks for reading! Hope it helps <3


20 thoughts on “Becoming summer ready | Summer Essentials | How I prepare for Summer

  1. These are wonderful tips! Also, thanks for reminding me! I need to buy new sunglasses for the summer. The ones I’ve had for past 7 years are all scratched, whoops.

  2. Still laughing about scrolling down and seeing Bey – DEFINITELY a summer essential I can get behind, haha! I never realized the importance of carrying hankerchiefs, bandanas until I moved to South Florida. A total must if you don’t want to look like a sweaty mess every time you come in from outside!!! All of these are super tips! 🙂

  3. I agree that it is VITAL to stay hydrated during the warmer months, as I found that one tends to lose water more quickly via sweat, etc. For me, however, lemon in water is not my forte. I have to find my sunglasses, though! 🙂

  4. You bet lemon is my life love them on lemonade and many other ways, like adding to my salads and snacks. I agree less fat and less processed foods in the diet is a good idea too. Seems you are ready for summer.

  5. I am sooo excited for summer! This post is getting me amped up. I love the idea of wearing a scarf to protect you from the sun. I never would have thought of that. I really like that idea!

  6. My first thing that I should keep in mind in terms of becoming summer ready is to avoid chapped lips. My lips could be really dry, it’s a bit disturbing for someone who puts on lipstick everywhere. And despite the fact that it’s summer, I’m a rebel cause I still call for wearing black once in awhile. 😛

  7. I really love your tips! We’re still having spring but with summer temperatures. For me the worst thing in this particular time is my skin as I’m having some acne problems. I’ll remember to drink a lot in summer … especially lemonade! 🙂

  8. This post goes way beyond the normal summer list of things to get ready… You’ve thought of everything! I loved you comment about shaving – who needs fur?! haha! Also loving your zebra scarf. I hadn’t thought about using a scarf in the summer to protect from the heat – great idea! 💚

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