My Favorite Quotes

Here I am sharing some of my favorite quotes! Quotes that remind me to be hopeful, help me stay motivated and be grateful for every moment in life.

Successful and inspiring individuals help you with life, opportunities and few lessons they have already learned. It sure won’t resonate with you now but maybe during a certain situation, you will find some quotes to be really helpful and liberating. It is always good to have such quotes to refer back to time and again!
What are your favorite quotes? I would love to know!

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59 thoughts on “My Favorite Quotes

  1. Lovely video. One of my favourite quotes is “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – MLK

  2. I love Paolo quotes ut, my fav one is:
    Life is about being yourself
    Someone only YOU can be…
    Someone only YOU can understand…
    Someone that is unlike everyone else.
    Someone that doesn’t copy others to look the same.
    Someone who is extremely unique.
    Because YOU are YOU.
    Be original. Be creative.

  3. Some quotes are so motivational! I’ve got some on my phone just to look back at when I’m feeling low or unmotivated. They sure have a special power 🙂

  4. I can’t remember the exact quote but it’s from the book Catch 22:
    “… it is neither possible or necessary to educate someone who never questions anything.”
    I am an animal rights activist and this instantly struck with me due to the ignorance I encounter so often.

  5. Such a fun video! I especially love the Elon Musk quote. I hadn’t heard that one before, but it definitely hit home for me. Truly inspiring!

  6. Such a fun video! I especially love the Elon Musk quote. I hadn’t heard that one before, but it definitely hit home for me. Truly inspiring!

  7. I love quotes! Some are so simple, yet so motivating. I specifically love Bible scriptures because they tie into my faith. A favorite quote (no scripture) is, “If you never chase your dreams, you’ll never catch them.”

  8. I like the Dr. Seuss quote you put. 🙂 My favorite quotes are on my Facebook profile. One of my favorite quotes is, ” ” People are neighbors to be loved, not commodities to be used.”-Jefferson Bethke, a Christian author and YouTube sensation. I also love this quote: “If love depends on how the other person loves us, we have a business deal, not love.”-Paul E. Miller (Love Walked Among Us p. 143).

  9. A great idea to present your favourite quotes in the form of a video clip. That’s my fav quote this week: Every day is a new day, and you’ll never be able to find happiness if you don’t move on. Carrie Underwood

  10. These quotes are so lovely, I love Paulo Coelho and his wisdoms. Some of the comments are wonderful to read as well.
    xo Sheree

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