Hope does matter

Here’s another amateur video on my YouTube channel trying to convey a crucial message! When life throws you off you have to hold on to that last string of hope. Try till you succeed.
Because what if you knew you were to succeed? You would never give up trying!

This sentence from Lewis Howes’s podcast episode Hope Matters stirred inspiration in me to create this video.

Take Action!

Yes, we give up thinking it is rather easy to give up than trying more and fail more times. However if we don’t give up, try more, find our way out maybe we will be exhausted but finally, meet with success. And if we knew we were to succeed in the end we wouldn’t ever give up trying more. You sure can’t predict the future but make one right?

I hope with this video at least one person holds on to it and tries more with the intention of never giving up on their dreams.

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64 thoughts on “Hope does matter

  1. I’m currently in a point in my life, where I feel like this is the last time to prove everyone wrong and get into the school I’ve been trying to get past four years. If it’s not going to work out, I think I’m going to have to give up & become a nurse or something others want me to be & not what I want to be.

  2. Hope is extremely important in life! Whatever happens we should never loose it. Instead we should keep believing in ourselves and our dreams. When the situation seems really bad, I just focus on finding the solution to it. When there is a will, there always is a way, I believe. ❤️

  3. I was at this point in my life on Feb 1, 2018. I had to tell myself to finally finish something, stop giving up because it’s not moving fast enough for me or I am not seeing the results I want to see as fast as I want to see them, I decide to just push through all the doubt and negative thoughts and do what I know I know how to do , and I’m great at it and enjoy it also.

  4. Hope is such a driving force! You’re right…if we knew we would be successful, we’d keep pushing through. So to live your life as though you will eventually be successful should be key! Thanks for sharing your beautiful video!

  5. I LOVED the video! Great inspirational message! 🙂 I love the scenery in the video, and the message. Yesterday, at around this time, I almost gave up hope. Thankfully, through a series of God-given circumstances and people, my hope was able to be revived. I also love the quote. It will encourage me to keep the faith! Thank you, Kanishka!

  6. Amazing message. Hope is something I work on controlling, and it’s has become an important part of the way I live my life🌻

  7. Yes, Hope does matter a lot. “To be without hope is like being without goals, what are you working towards?” Catherine Pulsifer

  8. Great video! Very inspiring to find your passion as well as hope for a brighter future. Keep up the great work! Love the use of video!

  9. This is such a wonderful message. We often feel left out and ignored and failure. This take to life can give immense happiness and hope. Lovely video message. Thanks a lot for sharing

  10. Ah I loved your video, it was so inspiring. You’re doing so well for an amatuer video-maker. I loved your comment about the people who hope the most are the strongest. I believe those are the ones that will change the world. It’s why I will never give up on hoping for people to become more compassionate about animals (I loved the birds in your video by the way) 💚

  11. That’s so true that hope matters … I used to live without hope for a few years, and it was a poor life. Since I got my hope back, my life has become much more pleasant. 🙂

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